All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 47: Reaction to Our First 4-Door Bronco

July 23, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 47
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 47: Reaction to Our First 4-Door Bronco
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Jason discusses the arrival of our Mannequin 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door Outer Banks. He talks about driving it, the amazing interior and the soft top convertible. Jason also goes into what the Ford Mannequin program means and why we can't sell this specific Bronco, as it's used solely for test drives.

Hey everyone I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group. This is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates Podcast. This is episode number 47. As I always do, I'm gonna do a video portion of this. So I'm going to share my screen for anybody who is watching on YouTube or Facebook to follow along last week's episode 46, I gave my reaction to our very first two door Bronco. It was a manual transmission cyber orange color. It is a mannequin vehicle, which for anybody that doesn't know that means Ford basically sends us this mannequin and Bronco where we can't sell it for six months, there's different rules about it, how much mileage you put on it, all that stuff before selling it. So basically, we can't sell it no matter what have to keep it here for test drives. And the cyber orange two door manual transmission long was first of all we got. We also got in just this week. So I talked about that on last episode, my reaction to it, I tried to drive it which I tell a funny story because I actually can't drive stick shift. So I tried it. But basically I sat in it while our general sales manager Joe Penny drove it because you could drive stick. So I gave my reaction to how I felt about the inside or the interior, I should say which is incredible how it felt how it drove all that stuff. So that's Episode 46 from last week. This episode we got in our four door automatic Bronco. So I got to test drive that on the line and then I actually took it home last night. And I'm also taking it to an event tonight. So this episode is going to be dedicated to giving my reaction and talking about the four door full size Bronco that we got in which I absolutely love. So this is Episode 47. And it's going to be my reaction to the photo of Rocco. So let's get started. You can see a full set of the photos for it on our social media pages. Also, I just wanted to make clear to this four door Bronco that we got in it is a mannequin vehicle as well. So again, can't sell it. It's just for test drives. And this one in particular is actually for our Point Pleasant location. So it's an old bridge for a couple days. Like I said, I have a obrah Chamber of Commerce event tonight that I'm taking it to, but then it's going to go down to Point Pleasant and probably stay there for the duration of the mannequin period, which is about six months right now unless anything changes from Ford. In Old Bridge, we are expected to get a four door automatic transmission for mannequin for test drives, we also expect to get in our start to get in some of our sold units. So some of the Broncos that people had ordered over a year ago at this point. And then eventually we'll start to get in stock units that we could sell. You know, we have so many sold orders that still need to come in obviously we haven't even gotten one in yet. So that's got to come first before the stock units, we would think we would hope and we still have no timeline and a lot of this stuff. I know it's frustrating for some customers I know a lot of customers have started to call us and ask you know when theirs is coming in. Again, it's a Ford Motor Company thing its production thing. It's very hard to give an ETA on some of this stuff. So we do our best I know Ford Motor Company with some of the folks they sent out estimated dates or dates of arrival. So some customers have that that they look at and then they call us about but realistically as soon as we get in your sold unit you know we're calling you right away to get it there's there's no reason why we'd want to hold one on our lot you know from a sold order from a customer so that's the store with the Broncos and the ordering and what we can expect over the next couple of weeks. But let's dive into this for door one. So like I said it's automatic transmission. It's the Outer Banks trim level, which means it comes with 18 inch high gloss black painted aluminum wheels. It's got the signature LED headlamps, taillights, the body color fender flares, power coated tube steps. The interior is absolutely amazing on this for anybody watching on Facebook and YouTube. I'm flipping through our Instagram posts with the pictures of it and the interior is just fantastic. So it This one has the optional and available leather trim seats in a roast color along the sides, almost like a trim and then Black in the middle. So really really sleek looking leather. And then it's got that roast color, which I guess is like a dark beige I guess you could say that is all over the interior to the dashboard looks incredible. I was blown away by this. And here I really was. I know I've talked about it before on this podcast, they did a great job with the interior of the bronco sport. I talked about it on last episode with the two door Bronco. I love that interior, this one with the upgraded leather. And an extra accents of that rose color really brings it all together. Just a great looking into your love it. And obviously I love the next year, I think Ford did a really good job about it. And listen, I've said before I'm biased, I'm not going to come on here and tell you that something looks terrible. If I don't like it, I probably just say that I like it. So I'm not lying. But I fully admit that I'm biased. But I love this Bronco, I do think they did a great job with it. Like I said, I took it home last night. So this one has the soft cover, which is basically what all the Broncos will have because Ford Motor Company has trouble right now with producing the hard top covers. So most of them will come with a soft topic, not all of them. And this one is a soft cover convertible. So basically, it's really easy to I was shocked basically you just unlatch two latches towards the front of the vehicle on the roof. And then you just fold it back. And basically it goes into position one, it's called. And you can strap it down. So that's what I did. And I posted some pictures of it as well and the Instagram and Facebook story as well. So that gets it basically towards halfway to the backseat of that convertible top. And then position two is taking it a step further and kind of lowering it fully. So that the entire top is folded down the soft cover. So again, we have pictures of it. And that's what I did when I drove home. You know, and then it's very easy, you just kind of fold the soft top back up and do the two latches and it's done. So I did it on my way home last night. And then I put the cover on at night and then this morning, I took it off and then this morning, when I got to the dealership, I put it back out. So get very, very easy to work this soft cover I was very impressed by it, how intuitive it is, how easy it is to use, and just how it looks great. And driving with it. You know, I've driven Mustang convertibles and stuff before, obviously. But this felt really cool. And I've driven in jeeps before too but the top off and obviously again a little bias but those don't drive as smooth. And that's a common complaint. So it's not like I'm going out on a limb there. But this one this Bronco I think Ford did a great job I think it is going to be the Jeep killer, which is out there on social media is not my phrase but other people's phrases. I think it's going to dominate the job market to be honest with you. It's not gonna be right away. Obviously Ford has its problems with production and, and the pandemic and everything but I think you'll see over the next couple of years I think it will dominate this class that it's in but this off road, SUV two door or four door. And really the ride was extremely smooth. Like I said, I put the top down. It was a cool convertible feel to it. I put the windows down the amount of attention that I got driving home and I lived very close to the dealership. So it was a short ride. And every traffic light people were looking over a couple people, you know, tried to talk while we were at the traffic light there asked me what it was if this was the new one, if this was the full size one. You know, we've talked about it before the difference between the bronco sport and the full size ones as I call them. They're not actually called the full size ones for two door or four door. But a lot of people asking about that traffic lights, a lot of people looking at it. Just driving down my neighborhood there was a couple people you know out on the front lawn and you could just tell that they're looking at it, they were interested in it, they were excited about it. Like I said I'm bringing it to an event tonight so I expect it to get a lot of attention. The posts so far in social media that me and my marketing team have done everything has been very positive reaction wise to it and all the posts are getting a ton of interest and engagement. So the the cult following behind the bronco and the interest in this brand new Bronco. It's real and it's pretty intense. I haven't seen anything like it I have to say, you know the Maki was what it was. The the Mustang name has a cult following for sure. And there was differing views on if the all electric marquee should have been called the Mustang Maki. You know when the redesigned f 150 came out this year or last year, this model year. There was a lot of excitement around that when the F 150. Lightning got announced there's a lot of excitement around that. A lot of reservations, a lot of attention from that. And then even the Ford Maverick I talked about on a couple of the last podcast episodes. We were actually Shocked with how many orders we got for that. So a lot of people excited about that in ordering that. That's that the brand new subcompact pickup truck that's going to be hybrid. So it's the maverick hybrid. So all of those new models, a lot of new, interesting, cool stuff coming out with Ford, none of those other ones even compared to the level of excitement with this Bronco. And it's been a long time coming, right it, they, they pause the the brand name for a while there. And then when they announced that everything took a while, as it always does with all these manufacturers. And then obviously, you know, they tried to launch it during one of the worst production times in our country where, you know, the plants were shut down for a while now we can't get semiconductor chips into any of these vehicles. So it's been a bumpy and long road for sure. And for a whole bunch of different reasons. But it's finally here. And the excitement level is it's definitely there. So it's great to see a lot of people reaching out on social media asking, you know, if they could come in and test drive in and stuff, you know if they can take it home for the night, and we are offering overnight test drives. But again, I really recommend you call first because like I said, these, we're taking these out to events, you know, people are booking them for test drives, and then this four door one is going down to our Point Pleasant location. So always please, you know, when it comes to anything here, I always recommend calling first confirming rather than making the trip down and then not having what you want to see here. And then we usually have to hear about it later on social media. So always, always, always recommend calling first booking appointment if you have to just confirming that the vehicle that you want to heat that you want to see is, in fact going to be here. And then the last thing I want to talk about, that was my reaction to the four door Bronco that I took. I'll be posting hopefully I'll be posting some pictures from the event tonight. It's an older Chamber of Commerce event, so it should be a lot of fun. But this morning when I brought the bronco in, I seize the opportunity that we had with the two door, our cyberark two door Bronco right out in front. So I have a nice little photoshoot with the two Broncos in front of our building. So that's all on social media. It's really cool to see him next to each other because you can see the true difference in the trim levels where our two door cyber orange Bronco is lifted up a little bit higher, you know bigger wheels for off roading based on that trim level. And you know, like I said, the bigger wheels, higher ground clearance made for more off roading, you could really tell that it sits higher up than our four door. So the four door just as a reminder is the Outer Banks trim and the two doors, the Badlands. So that's why you get the difference in you know the wheel package and kind of the look of it. So pretty cool to see two of them next to each other. We haven't had that yet. It's been a long time coming like I said, hopefully we start to get in a lot more of them. And we'll kind of go from there. But today will probably be the first time in old bridge that we'll have both of them here for the majority of the day again pending somebody booking them for a test drive, or potentially an overnight test drive with the cyber orange one tonight. So if you want to see both of them call first then come check out both of them. They should both be here for most of the day. Then I'm taking the blue one tonight the event cyber orange one, the two door manual transmission one that will be here most likely, you know each day for the next six months barring a scheduling of the overnight test drive. So that's the story with our Broncos. That's the episode for today. I appreciate everybody listening please comments on Facebook send me an email Jason at a Ford nj comm with any feedback, questions, comments, always love to hear it. And I really appreciate it everybody have a fantastic Friday and I'll be back next week.

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