All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 46: Reaction to Our First 2-Door Bronco

July 16, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 46
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 46: Reaction to Our First 2-Door Bronco
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Jason discusses the arrival of All American Ford in Old Bridge's very first 2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door Badlands SUV. This Bronco. This specific Bronco is a Ford Mannequin Bronco is will just be for customer test drives, not currently for sale. But don't worry, more are on the way! Jason gives his first impressions of this all-new SUV from Ford. He also recaps the Pete Alonso Home Run Derby Free Wiper Blades promotion, other cool vehicles that came in this week and upcoming events.

Jason Savino:

Hey everyone, I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group and this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates podcast. This is episode number 46. It is July 16. Friday. So Happy Friday everybody. So for the weekend, episode be pretty quick. Got a few updates, and then I'll give my first reaction to our very first all new 21 Ford Bronco SUV that came in yesterday. Late last night Actually, it's a two door and manual transmission. So I'll talk about my reactions to that. Let me just share my screen for anybody who's going to watch this on YouTube or Facebook, just so they can follow along. So as I mentioned, it is Episode 46 Episode 45. Last week, I announced our Home Run Derby promotion with Pete Alonzo, which I'm going to talk more about talking about some save the dates which again I'm going to bring up again and some other cool vehicles that came in specifically a purple marquee that has been getting a ton of attention on our showroom floor. I don't expect it to be here very much longer because everybody who passes it has a cool it is. So let's get started with the main part of last week's episode The Home Run Derby promotion we did so does everybody knows who have been listening. We have partnership with New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonzo. We built him a custom Mustang Mach, he wrapped in this beautiful satin black and did a blackout package. he's thrilled with it. Very good friend of the dealerships now. So he entered into the MLB homerun Derby, which was Monday night. And we tried to have a little fun with it on social media. We ran a promotion that if you want, everybody would get free wiper blades this week, anybody who had a Ford or super vehicle, and then they would have to come in from Tuesday to Friday. So it started right after the Home Run Derby up until today. So we've ran that and of course, he won the Home Run Derby is very exciting for anybody that watched it. Obviously I'm a big Mets fan. Big Pete Alonzo fan, obviously from all this big baseball fan. So it was fun to watch. I think this promotion was really cool, because a lot of our staff got into it in the sense that you know, we were all kind of texting each other a lot of the managers a lot of service managers throughout our group were texting each other Monday night. Pete had a monster first round, and we were all basically saying, you know, he's definitely going to do this, we are going to need to stock up on wiper blades. So we all had fun with it so far this week. The promotion is going really well. We've had very positive reaction to it. Both on social media then people coming in. We've given out a few of Pete Alonso's autographs just randomly to customers that we choose that come in for the wiper blade promotion. So so far, all the reaction has been positive that first day we got a good rush of people in Wednesday was a little bit less yesterday some more folks came in for sure. Both on the Ford and Subaru side here in Old Bridge and then today I expect definitely some more wiper blades to be given out for free so cool little promotion we ran again appreciate the positive reaction both on social media and for the folks coming in for it. We really didn't have any problems with it you know, usually with these promotions you have people just coming out of the woodwork trying to get free stuff and anything they can we did have one customer from who purchased a foreign make vehicle from a different dealership obviously, it wasn't one of our makes not a customer of ours never been here before didn't have a Ford or Subaru came in for the promotion. Despite the disclaimer in the Facebook and Instagram. It's saying Ford and super vehicles only and basically demanded for your wiper blades. That was literally the only problem out of probably 25 to 50 customers that have come in for this and or commented about it on social media. So you know, you're always gonna have that one or two peoples that try to take advantage of it. Listen, where we're a small family owned and operated business, we just unfortunately can't give stuff out for free to everybody. We try and make stuff special for our customers. Obviously we want to make things as special as possible for our loyal customers that have purchased from us. Any business would do that any business owner would do that. You know, there's no reason for business really to give out free stuff to a customer that didn't buy from them. Right. That's just it applies to business. It applies to anything in life. Really But this one has been going well, so far, we did have one customer comment on our Facebook page that they called up, try and get an appointment or they tried to book an appointment online, our online portal kind of got overloaded. It can only handle a certain amount, capacity wise of appointments within an hour. Obviously, again, like most businesses, because we want to make things as convenient for customers, and we don't want overbooking where we can't deliver. So basically, what happened was that, you know, people just have to call up to make an appointment, especially if they're coming in just for wiper blades. We were doing walk ins for that. So just to clarify that. But again, everything's been smooth, it's gone. Well, up until this point, you know, based on that positive reaction to at all, I'd like to do something like this. Again, I'd like to challenge my marketing team and myself and the other managers here to come up with another cool promotion we could do for Pete Alonzo, especially as the season now gets into the second half. And hopefully the Mets go into a playoff run for that. So we'll come up with something we'll keep posting, keep giving away, Pete Alonzo autograph. So continue to follow us on our social media platforms, obviously. Something else to talk about a vehicle that came in this week. So we did a custom Bronco sport, we've been doing a ton of these I've been talking about a lot. It's all over our social media pages. Because you know, we basically almost done one in every color. Now. Our go to is really, you know, the blackout package. Sometimes we'll add Custom Leather to the interior. If it has cloth, we do the two tones. So we black out the roof. So the vehicle becomes to tone and then with the blackout package with blackout emblems, and the blackout rims really pulls it all together and looks nice. So this one that we did that came in this week is a yellow and black one. So it's a full bright yellow wrap. So you know those, I think they're called cyber orange Bronco sports that kind of look a little yellowish, they were actually a very popular color when the Broncos sport first came out. So basically, we decided to do a full wrap in this yellow that you know, kind of looks like a matte or satin looks really good in person looks really good with the two tone and the blackout package. So check that out on our social media pages. You know, we had a lot of comments and beginning when the Broncos sport came out and that orange slash yellow color a lot of people just you know don't want the white black or silver vehicles anymore. They want to stand out. And I was surprised at the amount of comments we got initially about this. So I think this yellow one is going to move pretty quick. I think you'll get somebody who wants to be a little bit different stand out a little bit and they'll they'll grab it. So that is a that is our black and yellow custom Big Bend edition Bronco sport. And then speaking of the Bronco, so my reaction to getting the bronco last night so obviously for people that don't know, and it's not official terminology by Ford, but I'll use it because that's what's being used out there right now social media but the Broncos sport which came out and hit dealerships last year, basically in December it got here that's kind of referred to online as the baby Bronco. So the smaller Bronco, and size wise and spec wise, it might not be that much smaller. It's hard to tell especially against the two door Bronco. So you know the wording of the Broncos board versus the bronco baby Bronco versus full size Bronco. So, you know, people have it out. There's so many different things. But basically the Broncos sport has been here since December. Those are the ones that we can customize. And those are all over our social media pages. We have a ton of that in inventory since December. So those are doing very well they keep coming in. And we keep customizing. So the bronco the full size Bronco, the two door and the four door are the ones that you know, are really made after the old school Bronco. And those are the ones that people have really been waiting for. Those are the ones that we got the majority of our reservations and orders and on and so they're just starting to come in now it's been very delayed because of COVID because of the production shutdowns and all that so we finally got our first one in it is a two door full size Bronco which it actually for two door vehicle it looks big if it's very spacious on the inside and I'll talk about the bronco cockpit in a second. But it's a great looking vehicle. This one we got in is that yellow slash cyber orange color really stands out very nice color. And this one is a manual transmission so they did manual transmission for the Broncos sport to you know, I guess pay homage to the old one. So two door manual transmission and this one I have to say make you clear and You know, it came in late last night, we had to get cleaned. Me and a couple of the managers, you know, wanted to check it out, took it around our parking lot, a little bit. So we actually didn't get a full set of pictures until late and then this morning. So I'll be posting it on our social media pages throughout the day today. So check that out, if this podcast gets posted before that, and we'll have some video of it as well. So you'll get a closer look at it. But basically, when you get into it, my first reaction honestly was right away, you notice the the off road feel of it and the ground clearance. So it's not like getting into a regular Explorer or anything like that, you know, it's got the nice off road, we'll upgrade, it's a little bit higher up in the ground clearance, you could tell right away, it's just got that strong off road stance to it. And when you get in it even me as a fairly tall person, you know, you notice it, you have to kind of like jump into it a little bit. So I thought that was interesting. And getting into it like that, and kind of sitting in it, I did get that kind of nostalgic feel, and sense that, you know, kind of taking me back to when I got into one of my first Broncos, which you know, was probably when I was really young and obviously wasn't one of the original Broncos, one of the later generations of it, but kind of had that feel. So I thought that was pretty cool. I hope other customers feel that way when they when they hop into it. Because they think that's what Ford was going for. So that was great. But the first thing you notice when you get in and Ford has made a point of this Bronco cockpit that they've really done up. And you notice it right away, right, the dash is really big. And it just looks like big and sturdy and it's got so much going on. But it's also got this simplistic feel to it, it's very hard to explain you got to check out the pictures, you got to sit in one for yourself to the one we have has a lot of really cool like yellowish or orangish accents to it a lot of different handlebars everywhere. I think for that more off road feel a lot of different little details within it that make it great. And one of the things that caught my attention right away. And I'm not sure to be honest with you. I didn't notice this when the four door and the two door were here for that event we have that Bronco launch event. But so I'm interested to see if all the Broncos come this way, but the window the automatic opening and closing of the window those switches they're not on the doors and I've I've haven't seen that before obviously with any of these new models it's it's right by the shifter so I guess they do that because I don't know I guess the way it's kind of laid out the doors and the panels obviously come off. So maybe they just tried to make it more simplistic for removing the doors and stuff like that. I guess they had to but that was the first thing that stood out to me. I tried to roll down the window I could not find it I have no idea where it was it is by the shifter. So I thought that was interesting but really really impressed with the bronco cockpit the screen looks great. Like I said the dash that's the first thing you notice it's this big bold kind of you know, awesome looking interior so I loved it I thought it was cool. With this being manual, believe it or not actually can't drive stick shift never learned even though I worked at my father's dealership on Long Island when I was 16 before I even had a license I would drive the vehicles from our sales and service center was actually two miles apart on Long Island for whatever reason that's what the setup was back then. And I used to drive the vehicles that were prepped and ready for delivery from our service to our sales department. So I've been driving forever I've driven every size vehicle you can imagine I'm very comfortable with even the largest you know tow trucks we have now, but for whatever reason I just never learned stick and I got in this one with Joe petty our general sales manager and he was kind of ragging on me a little bit and tried to teach me I got in I pushed down on the clutch I tried to get it going with a little bit gas instantly stalled it and I said Joe that's it not doing this not doing this on a brand new Bronco I will I'll learn on a you know a used car that we get in maybe or trade in or somebody's vehicle that they own some older model that I can you know completely destroy a brand new Bronco. So I was like that's it not doing this anymore. Joe proceeded to laugh. He had a lot of fun with it. I'm sure he's told off the other manager and sure he's told my brother so I'll take some Heat for that. But yeah, I just I can't drive manual. But, you know, Joe had a lot of fun with it. I rode around the parking lot with him driving it, he said it took them back to when he used to have, you know, the old stick shift of vehicles that he had. So he loved it, it was actually really smooth. But again, you felt like you were in a really nice and sturdy off road vehicle felt good driving it. And riding in the passenger seat. I know. After I got done driving with Joe petty, my marketing team hopped in they they sat in the backseat, it looked pretty state, spacious from the outside, I did not climb into the backseat myself, but for a two door vehicle, but was in that front seat, I'm six feet tall, it was very spacious. And the backseat looked great too. And then you know, the trunk space shifts and trunk space, the doors come off, they get stored in the back stuff like that. So my first impression of it, my first reaction to is that I think it's going to do really well I think a lot of our managers, any customers who were here late last night, you know, got a peek at it. A lot of interest, a lot of positive reactions, positive feelings. So that's, that's how we kind of expected us to go there's been a lot of attention to this and a lot of excitement for this vehicle this whole time waiting for it to come. So now it's good. And I wanted to mention to this is considered a mannequin vehicle from Ford, that's what they call it, each dealership is getting one or two of them and it's solely for test drives. We are not allowed to sell this vehicle. So although it's going to be posted on social media, I'll make it clear on the post itself. And it might even be on our website just because it has a van so it might get pulled there automatically. But this vehicle is not for sale, we cannot sell it it's for rules. It has to be used as a mannequin test drive vehicle for a certain amount of time. But we do expect now that we have this to start getting in our sold units. So you know if your customer out there that has a ordered unit. When it comes to the bronco two door or four door, you don't need to call us we will believe me we are going to call you the second your vehicle arrives in. So you know hopefully we start to get some of those orders in hopefully we even start to get some stock units and to put on our showroom floor and start selling some customers. So obviously check our social media pages, we will have updates. You know, as soon as we can on all that stuff. And as soon as they start to come in, we'll be taking pictures of them like crazy posting. So that was the reveal of the bronco just want to go over a couple more things quick. It's mostly to save the dates and upcoming stuff. I don't want to get into this in detail every time I'll kind of just mention it quickly as a date to stick in people's heads or put on their calendar unless there some you know, more information that comes out on these events. But in October, we have two great events coming out with this auto mall here and old bridge between Ford and Toubro. So we have our Subaru pet adoption event on October 9, between 11 and three. So that's going to be fantastic. I'll talk more about that as it gets closer. We are accepting some vendors and some adoption agencies to get involved right now. So there's information on the Instagram post of who to email here. It's Kate on my team. So if you're interested in getting involved in that event, shoot us an email and we'll provide some more information, what we're looking for. And then of course, the Jimmy Allen concert. So that's going to be October 17. So two big events so far in October, between pediment and Jimmy Allen concert, Jimmy Allen concert is going to be in our old bridge Ford showroom here like it was the last time. So save that date, October 17. It's a Sunday going to be about five o'clock at night on that Sunday. Tickets are going to go on sale, they're going to be very affordable. But we felt it was the right thing to do to create a charity aspect of this where 100% of the tickets out proceeds will go to jar Pope, our main charity partners. So that portal, I'm going to work with Dr. Hope and we're going to try and get that donation ticketing portal up within the next couple of weeks so tickets will go on sale. And then just wanted to mention I'll talk about next week as a recap on my podcast episode. But this Sunday we have the jar of whole family barbecue at frog bridge day camp down in millstone New Jersey. So from one to six on Sunday. If you come by frog bridge day camp, they are throwing kind of his family barbecue celebration gym and the jar of hope team right now are in the middle of their 300 mile walk from Massachusetts down here in New Jersey. So they're going to end at the frog bridge day camp on Sunday for a family barbecue and celebration. If you want to come you can still either buy tickets gets online, it's $25 for an adult to get in. It includes food, drinks, prizes, activities, really cool family activities and fun stuff. So $25 for adults, free for children under the age of 18. And I'm sure you'd buy the tickets up door or you get them ahead of time at sharp So, I'm greatly looking forward to that event on Sunday, I'm going to be there with my kids gonna be really fun. A lot of our staff are going to support your hope and just have a good time out of family barbecue, so I'll likely recap that on the next episode. But everybody have a good weekend. I hope to see you at that event. If not, I'll talk about it on the podcast episode. Thanks, everybody.

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