All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 45: Home Run Derby Promotion, Save the Dates, Purple Mach-E & More!

July 09, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 45
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 45: Home Run Derby Promotion, Save the Dates, Purple Mach-E & More!
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Jason announces the All American Auto Group's Home Run Derby Promotion. All American Ford in Old Bridge provided NY Mets All-Star, Pete Alonso, with a custom 2021 Mustang Mach-E. Their partnership is stronger than ever and the All American Auto Group is rooting for Pete Alonso in the MLB Home Run Derby on Monday, July 12th. If Pete Alonso wins, our customers will win FREE wiper blades for the entire week. It's a social media exclusive promotion so make sure you check Facebook and Instagram for full details. Jason also brings up some important Save the Dates including the Subaru Pet-A-Palooza and the 2nd Jimmie Allen Concert in our showroom. Lastly, there's some cool new vehicles that just arrived including an Iridescent Purple Mustang Mach-E and an Undercover Edition Explorer.  

Jason Savino:

Hey I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group and this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates Podcast. This is episode number 45. And got a bunch of updates and a bunch of save the dates, events coming up a really cool promotion we're doing trying to have a little fun with the Home Run Derby that's coming up on Monday with our good friend, Pete Alonzo, the New York Mets. So I have some updates on that. And then we'll talk a little bit more about service as well. So Happy Friday, everybody, it is July 9, I am going to share my screen because I have a video version of this podcast as well for anybody who would like to watch on YouTube or Facebook. So I'm going to share my screen. Alright, so let's get started. So last week was Episode 44. We talked about some incoming wraps Chef 150 trucks one of them is sold already talked about some of the job hope events which I'll mention again in this episode. The week before that we talked about some of our first tremor vehicles that we got in our first Subaru Outback wilderness that sold almost instantly. So a lot of cool stuff the last few weeks and we'll talk about some more that came in this week. The first event that I want to mention is actually starting tomorrow. So our good friend Jim or phone from JAR of Hope one of our main charity partners, he is starting his 300 mile walk tomorrow, they are walking from Massachusetts to here in Central New Jersey. They are going to walk from the University of Massachusetts. There's a children's hospital that his son gets treatment at for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. So they're walking from there, down to here, in all American super, they're gonna stop at our location on Saturday, July 17. They're going to be camping out here overnight at all Americans Subaru. And then the next day Sunday, July 18. They are going to go down to Jackson, New Jersey to frog bridge day camp. And they are throwing a little family barbecue celebration. So talked about a little bit on the last episode, it's going to be a lot of fun. A lot of our staff is going to that really going to be just a nice celebration for Jim and his team members that are doing this walk nice family barbecue, a lot of activities. It's $25 for adults, and then free for children under the age of 18. So if you're interested in that, that's Sunday, July 18. So that'll be a lot of fun. next event here is this Sunday, so it is our next f150 mafia in New Jersey chapter meet up here at the dealership at all American Ford and old bridge. It's gonna be Sunday morning at 9am weather permitting, of course, I think it's supposed to rain in the afternoon so we should be okay. So check Facebook for any updates with that, but I'll be here for that event like I was last time last time is great event over 45 F 150s. We're here. Just a lot of great people getting together showcasing their trucks that they love so much. We had our Roush rep Frank here. He's going to be here as well on Sunday with his Roush and we'll have some accessories and route promotional material out, we are going to be supplying bagels and doughnuts and coffee. So it'll be a fun time. Definitely recommend coming. Last time a lot of folks brought their significant other they brought their children. You know, it was cool to see people out and about at that point. That was a little bit before stuff was starting to open up. But it was an outdoor event and turned out really nice. So this one should be great as well. So again, check out on Facebook, the F 150 mafia Facebook page, you could join it if you own an F 150. And then you'll get all the updates on that. then a week later, we have the old Burg Chamber of Commerce steak and cigar night in Morgan Ville, New Jersey at a farm. That's going to be a lot of fun. I'm a board of trustee for the Chamber of Commerce. So just trying to promote it, I'll be there. I'm definitely going to be a fun event. A lot of networking, a lot of business owners going to be there. So that'll be cool. So save that date if you're interested. You just have to RSVP by July 19. So check out the Chamber of Commerce Facebook page or website for that kind of stuff. there then a couple save the dates in a row that we posted yesterday on our social media pages. So very exciting stuff. So on the Subaru side for all members Consumer an old birch, we announced the date of our annual Subaru loves pets event, which is an adoption event we have every year we call pedal Palooza last year was a video series because of COVID and the pandemic. So we didn't have an on site adoption event, which was probably the first time we haven't had one. in about six or seven years, I'd say. So is a video series with samys hope, which is an adoption center. Close by here. Same as hope is fantastic. And we partnered with them in the last few years for the Subaru loves pets month, in October. And like I said, last year, we did a really cool video series, it's on YouTube, check it out, we showcased a bunch of animals that were up for adoption, had a lot of cool guests that joined it with a lot of good information. So this year, we're going back to in person, it's going to be in our showroom here at all American Subaru as it's always been. And Sandy's hope is going to be back as a co host. So that's great. We are getting a bunch of other adoption agencies from around here to bring dogs and cats to be adopted. And then we're gonna have a bunch of pet vendors and just other local businesses here to showcase you know, their products, their business. It's a really nice community event. I love doing this one each year. So that's Saturday, October 9, it's from 11am to 3pm. If you have or know of anybody that's a pet vendor, a adoption agency or even just a local business that wants to promote themselves a little bit more, have them reach out to me, my email address is Jason at a f o r d That's Jason my name and then at a Ford for all American Ford, New Jersey. So reach out to me. You can also message any of our social media pages, my marketing team will get it I'll get it eventually. Again, if anybody wants to be involved in this Subaru loves pets, pet a Palooza here at all American super an old bridge, that's October 9. The next save the date is just about the week after that event, which is this one's going to be really exciting. So this one's on our Ford side. And we're going to take place in our all American Ford showroom here in Old Bridge. And it is our next Jimmie Allen concert. So country star Jimmie Allen is a good friend of our dealerships in our auto groups. And we've now provided him with two custom lifted trucks that he loves. And you know, he's a big advocate of ours and our customization abilities and our customization shop. And he did a concert here back in I believe it was March 2019. In our showroom is fantastic. As a Military Appreciation concert. Tons of people showed up tons of happy people, obviously, he put on a really good show. And so our next one with him is coming up Sunday, October 17. Same thing gonna be in the American Ford and old bird showroom. This one is going to benefit your hopes. So we're gonna have ticket sales. They're gonna be very affordable. I think we're talking you know, 1020 bucks. And 100% of the proceeds will go to JAR of Hope so, you know, I've talked about a lot on this podcast. We love supporting local community, we get involved so much with so many local charities. We do a lot with local first responders, local schools and stuff. But obviously we adamantly support Jimmer phone and JAR of Hope for their cause, because it's near and dear to our heart. And so this is just the next big event that we're trying to tie into Dr. Pope and raise awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and raise some critical funds for some of his trials and that, that chase to find a cure. So there's going to be a lot more information coming out on this Jimmie Allen concert, I set up the Facebook event page just so you can kind of save the date for it. There's no ticket information just yet. We have to still set up the pricing and the website for that to be able to buy the tickets where the donation will go straight to JAR of Hope so this is strictly a save the date a lot more information will come and I will talk about it on upcoming podcast episodes for sure. The next thing I want to talk about is some vehicles we got it and so I believe it's just two of them that we got in this week that are specialty or custom that I want to point out so one of them is really unique. To say the least it is a custom iridescent purple fully wrapped 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E so I've been talking about a ton on this podcast, anybody who follows our social Media pages No. Recently, we've been going a little crazy with these fully wrapped Mustang Mach-E's, they've been extremely popular with customers. You know, we've done the satin black full wrap. That's the one that Pete Alonzo got. So now we've done that one a few times we've gotten into a couple different shades of blue. For the full wrap, light blue and dark blue, they've been very popular, sold instantly here. And then we decide to get a little crazy with this one and go with a purple. And it's iridescent purple. It's from our good friends. The rap, the rap company, all in one shop. They're up in North Jersey, they're great people. And this one, you really have to see it in person. So if you check out the pictures and the video, even on social media, it just looks so different from every angle and with every different shadow and shade. So it's really cool to see in person, how it adjust based on where you are and how you're looking at it. But it's a very sharp purple color, kind of like a dark purple. And then depending on the shades and the shadow, sometimes it looks like a dark gray or black event. So really interesting, really unique. You know, I love it. I think it's a great great wrap. I think all in one shop did a fantastic job as they always do. And then our customization shop added a little bit to it with blacking out the wheels, blacking out the logos, window tense on this one. So you know, kind of made it into an all American Ford customs creation. So check that out on social media pages that's on our showroom floor. Brand new just got here. I believe it was a few days ago. So check that one out, because that's a cool one. And then we did another undercover addition explore we call it where basically I forgot how we got the idea for this, but we've done a few of them. Now they've they've sold really fast whenever we have them on the showroom floor. Um, you know, we swap out the grill and it's this kind of custom what we call a cop car grill. So it looks different than the typical explorer grill. And then you know, you black out the emblems tint the windows, you take away the emblems and the logos on the back, let's say explorer and stuff like that. So the bat kind of gets this unique clean look to it. So very popular explore dark and tail lights on this one which I always like the they're called the smoke taillights really gives the back of the truck a nice aggressive look. So check that out on our social media pages. Usually we do these in a black x euro color. This one's actually a really nice carpet is gray color. So carbonized gray exterior. And then with all the black that blackout logos and the different grille. Really cool looking unique Explorer. And then I want to talk about the big thing that we came up with this week, which is a pretty cool promotion for the Home Run Derby. So our good friend, like I mentioned, Pete Alonzo has a Mustang Mach-E, from us big advocate of us as an Auto Group. We've helped him out with a few things now related to vehicles for some family members and stuff like that. So he's in the Home Run Derby this year he wanted last year. So he's the reigning champion. So we wanted to have a little fun with it. You know, a lot of our staff has started talking about it, you know, a lot of people are going to be watching it on Monday night. So that's July 12, the upcoming Monday. So you know, there's just us having a little fun with it. If he wins the Home Run Derby, we'll celebrate by giving our service customers free wiper blades for the entire week. So Tuesday through Friday, July 13 through July 16. So if you come in, you have a scheduled appointment or you want to just come in as a walk in, you'll get free wiper blades, you just have to show this social media image that we posted on our accounts. And that'll be proof of the to get the deal basically. So pretty cool thing. We're excited about it, we're going to be rooting for Pete hopefully we get the opportunity to give out a lot of free wiper blades. Also for that post, if you like it and share it, I'm gonna randomize with our randomizer wheel. But the website we use for that and do some giveaway is for autographs. So we have a whole bunch of autographed baseballs from P trading cards from Pete and then eight by 10 from Pete So we'll be giving those away during the week if he wins to random customers who come in for service so cool promotion we have going so check that out online and hopefully he wins and then if you need a pair of free wiper blades come on it to our service department. Going back a little bit to Dr. Hope I'm gonna keep promoting this event because this is a big one for them. Probably mention it at the end of each podcast episode moving forward until we get to it. definitely gonna have Jim on to talk about it. Obviously I mentioned beginning of the episode, he's about to embark on a 300 mile walk. So he's a little busy for the next week or so. So maybe in one of the upcoming episodes, but this is his big money JAR of Hope golf ball drops. So they're selling golf balls for $1,000 $1,000 donation to javo. And it's gonna number the golf balls, put them in a helicopter, drop them over a golf course, and the one that lands closest to the hole or in the hole is going to win. You know, he's hoping for up to a quarter of a million dollars. So obviously, it's going to depend on how many golf balls they sell. And that'll be the prizes. But there's, I think there's prizes for, you know, second place, third place, fourth place. So great opportunity win a lot of money donating for a great cause. So that's September 13. So we still have a little bit of time for that. But if you want to buy a golf ball, head over to JAR of, and you'll be able to find more information on that. Last thing I wanted to mention, again, a lot of upcoming events. I'll be doing Recaps of these events on upcoming episodes. But just wanted to mention again that we are hiring as an Auto Group, almost all positions throughout our group. So numerous locations, we continue to just look for applicants, I mean, where we're getting a lot of resumes, but the interviews just aren't panning out a lot of people is not coming in a lot of people still relying on the unemployment check the bonus stimulus check from the government. You know, we think that with that starting to dry up potentially towards September, we're going to get a rush of people who are looking for jobs. So we're obviously hoping that people want to get a little bit ahead of that and start to apply for jobs and come in for interviews and get hired and training. And then you know, we'll be ready for the big rush. Because coinciding with that is going to be the inventory. And you know, I've talked about the global chip shortage, that's going to start to get a lot better towards September. So we're going to get this big rush of inventory. Demand is going to be sky high supply is finally going to be able to meet that demand. And we're going to need the help from an employee standpoint. So again, check out our website to see what open positions that are there. We're basically accepting applications and resumes on all positions. technicians are always in need here, we could always use more tax always grow our service department. We have the open bays for it. So technicians are always a need. But again, with the inventory incoming and starting to get better with the chip shortage. The sales department definitely needs help. And here's an old bridge. It's both sides. It's Ford. It's Subaru. It's even dirt and tow trucks. It's even Ford commercial. So if you're interested in a sales position, even our Business Development Center positions in terms of answering like Internet leads and stuff like that. Again, we're accepting all resumes all interviews right now and just trying to bring people in so that we have enough time to train them and get ready for the big rush. So that's the updates here at the Auto mall in Old Bridge and I'll be back next week.

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