All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 44: Weekly Updates 7/2/21 - ROUSH F-150s, JAR of Hope Events & More

July 02, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 44
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 44: Weekly Updates 7/2/21 - ROUSH F-150s, JAR of Hope Events & More
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Jason discusses some of the vehicles that arrived this past week including two 2021 Ford F-150 ROUSH Off Road trucks, a Ranger TREMOR and more. He goes into detail about what makes the ROUSH trucks special, including some of the noticeable changes for this model year. Jason talks about upcoming events like the Old Bridge Chamber of Commerce Steak & Cigar Night, the JAR of Hope 300-Miles of Love Walk and more.

Jason Savino:

Hey everyone, I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group and this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates Podcast. This is episode number 44. So last week on episode 43, I talked about some weekly updates going to do same thing this week, I want to wish everybody a happy Fourth of July Happy Fourth of July weekend's hopefully the weather holds up here in the northeast, and people could enjoy their families, barbecues, everything else that makes Fourth of July great. celebrating our independence. So let me share my screen like I always do with this podcast, I do a video version for Facebook and YouTube. So I'm gonna share my screen for everybody watching the visual version of this episode. So, to start, like I said, with Fourth of July weekends, we are as an Auto Group actually closing Saturday, July 3, so that's tomorrow. We made a conscious decision, you know, with the very low inventory levels are our employees and their families get to enjoy the day. So a nice little weekend for our employees. for customers. Hopefully they use that opportunity not to shop around and spend time with their family and that barbecues. So we'll be closed Saturday, July 3 as an Auto Group for Fourth of July. And we'll be back open on Monday, July 5, we're going to go with a little bit shortened hours from nine to 6pm on Monday. Again, most vendors bank stuff like that. There's going to be a lot of closures anyway this weekend. So that's this weekend with our hours. So going back to last week's episode I mentioned and talked about on our super side of our auto ma the Subaru Outback Wilderness, a 2022 model, really cool custom Subaru had a wonderful and very nice gentleman purchased it over the weekend. It really went quick here. Once it hit our showroom floor. I had talked about it on the podcast. I mean, it lasted a day after that this thing had so much attention. It's pretty exclusive. Right now, you know Subaru, they're just starting to trickle in. But we don't even have another one yet. We expect to get a few of them a month at most. So as you can imagine, most Subaru dealerships might not even get any. So it's definitely going to be a very sought out model. So a great purchase for this gentleman. I also talked about the incoming rashes and we actually got a lot more of them in so let's start to talk shipped back over to the Ford side. And some of the stuff that me and my marketing team have been posting on social media. So we did our first Pete Alonzo video we posted so everybody knows that I love talking about our Pete Alonzo partnership. He has a custom Maki from us they loves so we were able to film him doing some commercials and some video content. So I posted the first one. On our social media pages. We have a couple of his videos running in our showrooms and our service departments on the TVs we have here. So very cool content from Pete. He did a fantastic job with these videos. Everybody who knows me and listens to podcasts knows I love to bring up the partnership man big Mets fan, big Pete Alonzo fan. So that's been great. Then we got to Roush f 150s. In for the first time, so I did a if anybody's checked out our Instagram Company Profile page, I did a nice little three tile picture of them. We my marketing team really did a great job with a photo shoot of the two of them next to each other. They look great this year, wraps a really nice job with upgrades and changing like the grill has a new style. The body has new styles, new graphics packages, new wheels, new tire sets. So really cool stuff from this these Roush f 150. So I posted a bunch of pictures that my team took of them together and then they're separate posts of each one individually. So we did get a black one in that is an XL t trim. looks great with the black obviously, the graphics package from Roush always looks good, but they really did a nice job with it this year around so you'll notice a lot of differences a lot of different details with the Roush logo Roush emblem, and just Roush wording all around the vehicle. I actually liked the silver one a little bit better. So that's a separate post as well on our social media pages. This one is a Larry trim. So the higher trim level. Very, very nice Roush And I think the graphics package pops a little bit more on the silver. Obviously the black always kind of looks a little, you know more of like a blackout package like a sleeker it all kind of ties together. This silver Roush though I think the graphics package really pops on it and you'll notice a lot throughout it, you know, a new graphics package on the back tailgate. Obviously, the American flag that Roush has on their vehicles for the past couple of years that graphic sticks out nice on the silver just looks like a really sleek, sleek trucks. So I think these two rashes look great. I think they're gonna go quick. I love the new grill from Roush. Shelby's doing a similar similar grill where they're gonna have the Shelby wording across that grill like Roush did with this one. So we're excited to get our first Shelby f150 in still but these raps trucks for are fantastic. And then also yesterday we got in another one of our 2021 Ford Ranger tremors. And in the previous couple ones we've gotten in I feel like I've been a dark gray or a black and they haven't come with the special tremor graphics package. So this one has a really unique, really aggressive stance to it because it's a black exterior color. And then it's got the red tremor graphics package. So you'll notice a red line going down the side of it in the back as well and then the hood and all the tremors have a red accented grille as well. So this one caught my eye in the parking lot when I got it and I told my team right away Oh we got the new tremor and you know we got to get pictures of it so it grabs your attention. It's a really sleek looking vehicle. These Ford Ranger tremors are really cool, really good for off roading a lot of off road upgrades to them. They come with the 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine which leads the class for the Ford Ranger that that smaller pickup best in class torque rating, the horsepower is 270. So a lot for that class. So this tremor Ranger is very cool. Our Auto Group has a couple of them in this the first black and red one I've seen in our group, so really sleek looking vehicle. Staying on the subject of pickup trucks, mostly the F 150. We do have our next f150 mafia meeting, or meetup I should say here on Sunday, July 11. In our parking lot, we have one back in I believe March or April, really successful event over 45 F 150s came out. So a lot of great people we got to meet and talk with a lot of great family showed up. So this one I think is going to be a lot bigger. Hopefully the weather holds out. And we have some cool stuff planned as well. And now that we have some of these rashes, are these Roush f 150s. These tremors some of these specialty and custom vehicles we finally have gotten in, you know after a lot of production shutdowns and production delays. So now these will be on display. So it's going to make the event even bigger and better. Even if some of these trucks sell before July 11, which I think a few of them actually will. You know we're supposed to be getting in a lot more rashes some Shelby's eventually. So it's gonna be a cool event. So that's Sunday, July 11, at 9am in our parking lot and f150 mafia meetup. So if you haven't f150 if you know anybody with an F 150 you're welcome to come and join. It's going to be fun little meetup. next couple of things I want to talk about real quick is some upcoming events here in July. So I just mentioned the f150 mafia meeting July 11. But then, jar of hope and our good friends over a jar of hope, our charity main tribe charity partner, and Jim Murphy. I'm the founder and CEO, he is doing another one of his absolutely insane walks. It's called 300 miles of love. He is walking 300 miles from the University of Massachusetts where his son gets treatment for the terminal illness Duchenne muscular dystrophy. And they're going to average he's doing it with two of his Jarboe teammates. Basically, they're averaging 40 miles a day camping out overnight. They're making it kind of a Subaru themed thing and they're going to end here at all American Subaru and old bridge. And so they're hitting a bunch of Subaru dealerships along the way, you know, for kind of events and celebrations along the way. But just an insane how walk that Jim's doing again, he if people remember, he had done a 260 mile walk with four dealerships that led up to our all American Ford and old bridge store. So now he's kind of taking that same thing. Doing It's a little bit bigger and crazier and doing it with Subaru. So that'll be fun to kind of track throughout. He starts July 10, it's going to end July 17. Here at all American Subaru at night he gets here we'll have a little celebration for him. He's going to sleep overnight. And then the entire 300 mile walk actually ends the next day at frog bridge day camp in millstone Township, where Dr. Hope is throwing this big family barbecue celebration. So you could go on the germaphobe website and buy tickets to it. I believe it's $25 to get in and it's going to be you know, food, BBQ, a lot of games, a lot of family friendly stuff. So it's gonna be a really fun day. On July 17, or I'm sorry, July 18, is the family barbecue July 17, is when he comes here to all Americans Hoover and old bridge and sleeps overnight, then July 18, is the big family barbecue. So whether you're a part of germaphobe, whether you're part of all American, doesn't matter, anybody could join in for that family barbecue. So it's going to be a really, really cool event. I'm going to be there, my family's going to be there, a lot of our employees are going to go out there as well to celebrate and just have a really fun family day. So look out for that. I also want to mention that the older Chamber of Commerce is throwing a steak and cigar night on Friday, July 23. At 7pm. You can find information on the older Chamber of Commerce website. Obviously, I'm on the board of trustees for the Chamber of Commerce I got asked about a year ago now believe it is right before COVID. So it might have been early last year. You know, they recognize all Americans contributions to the community, how much we love getting involved with charities, and the local communities, local schools and stuff. So very graciously, I got asked to join the Board of Trustees for the Chamber of Commerce. Very proud of that. great honor. So I helped them out with a bunch of stuff. And I try and push their events as well. So I'll be out at that steak and scar night should be fun night. So if you want more information about that, I think it's just a donation to get in basically. And it'll be a really fun networking event. A lot of business owners will be there, I'm sure. So that's going to be cool. Very last thing I'll mention and I've said a lot on this podcast, I'm going to keep pushing it until it happens. Again, talking about charity, talking about our main charter department jar of hope. We always support the crazy things that Jim does, and we have fun with it. So his latest thing in September on September 13. He's kind of hosting it's like an impromptu gala event. I'm going to be a nice dinner, nice, nice activities and stuff there at Bella Vista Country Club. And he's doing a golf ball drop. So he is selling golf balls for $1,000 donation, and then he's going to number all these golf balls put them in a helicopter drop them above a golf course. Bellavista Country Club, and whichever one lands close to the hole is going to win a whole bunch of money. Obviously, it's going to depend on how many golf balls he sells. But his goal is to sell 1000 golf balls at $1,000 each. And the first prize would be $250,000. And then there's gonna be second prize, third prize, fourth prize. So really cool opportunity to win a lot of money. For $1,000 donation, you could do it with co workers, family members, you could split a golf ball, obviously, however you want to do it. So that's gonna be a fun event. I'll keep pumping it until September, I'll be there at that September event, that's gonna be a lot of fun. I think some folks are playing golf that morning at Bella Vista. So as a dealership, we're gonna do that, and, you know, withdraw our hope and a lot of his supporters so gonna be a really fun event. You don't have to be there. Obviously, that night, if you're going to buy a golf ball, people are starting to buy these golf balls from all across the country. To be entered into this contest, we're going to live or jarv hope I should say it's going to live stream it and you'll be able to kind of watch it as it happens. And then obviously, you'll be notified if you win. So look out for that. That's going to be great. And that's everything I had for today. So again, enjoy the weekend, the holiday weekend, extended weekend for some of our employees, a rare Saturday off, I'll say for a lot of our sales teams and service and parts teams. So hopefully everybody enjoys it out there. Have a safe, Happy holiday and we'll be back next week.

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