All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 43: Weekly Updates 6/25/21 - Tremor, ROUSHs, Wilderness & More!

June 25, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 43
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 43: Weekly Updates 6/25/21 - Tremor, ROUSHs, Wilderness & More!
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It's been an exciting week here at the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge! The Auto Mall (All American Ford & All American Subaru) was awarded Top Workplaces 2021 by All American Ford in Old Bridge actually ranked number four overall in New Jersey based on company size and the top dealership. Jason also discusses some amazing vehicles that came in this past week including the Ford Ranger Tremor, two different ROUSH Stage 3 Mustangs and the all-new Subaru Outback Wilderness.

Hey everyone, I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group. And this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates podcast. This is episode number 43. I'll quickly recap last couple episodes, I'll recap some cool vehicles and cool happenings from this past week. And then we'll look ahead at a couple things. So let's get started. I am going to share my screen for anybody watching the video portion of this of course you could listen to this wherever you find your podcast or we post the video on YouTube and Facebook. So just sharing the screen so this is Episode 43. Going back couple episodes Episode 41. I've reacted and gave my feedback on the Ford Maverick reveal from Ford, which is their new subcompact or compact pickup truck. That is also hybrid. When that was announced, there's a lot of buzz around it. I thought the reveal was great. Go back and listen to Episode 41. I talked about it quickly in that episode. But I've been amazed by the amount of orders we've gotten for the maverick. It's been definitely surprising. Now for it's kind of getting the customer into the groove with these orders and pre orders and you know the customers are getting into a groove with it. You know, we've now had the bronco even happened with the bronco sport a little bit. The Mach-E the F 150. Lightning now now the maverick. So with all these different models and different versions of the models coming out, I think the customer is getting a little bit more used to ordering and preserving stuff ahead of time, which with Ford has never really happened before. So we're very surprised with the positive reaction to the maverick and the amount of orders we've gotten so far. So that's great. Episode 42. Last week, I just kind of went over some happenings again, I talked about the jar Pope celebrity boxing match that I went to in Atlantic City that was a couple of Fridays ago, talked about the full size Bronco, the news kind of came out, you know those big buzz headlines that production had, you know, kind of finished on some of the models that rolling off the assembly line. Even that they were kind of starting to hit dealers. And I think I kind of jumped the gun on the episode a little bit and said that we should be receiving our first Bronco fairly soon. I did see a lot of dealerships across the country start to post on Facebook that they got their first. And when I say a lot, it was really the top few that I follow. But basically it sounds like it was probably their demo vehicle or their show one. And we could still be a little bit of ways from getting our first full size Bronco. The way Ford puts it and the way this scheduling has gone since the pandemic it's like I wouldn't be shocked if we got one next week. And I wouldn't be shocked if we didn't get one for another few weeks. So that's that's the story with the full size Bronco, unfortunately, I did talk about how we got a couple of our first Shelby f 250 Super bajas that were pre sold units and that already went out. We customize Bronco sport, I talked about how we've been doing a lot of those. And they've been extremely popular. I have another one to talk about in this episode. And then we talked about a custom Mustang Maki as well. So let's start with our Pete Alonzo autograph back giveaway. So I posted this a couple weeks ago, I guess the drawing is going to be today. So my team is going to start entering in all the participants and randomize it with this wheel that we have a digital one. And then you know, we'll choose the winner. We'll reach out to them if they want to remain anonymous. That's fine. But yeah, well, we'll be picking a winner today for our first Pete Alonzo autograph bat giveaway, we're gonna have a lot more of these. We have a lot of autographs from him because of our partnership with him since we did his custom marquee. So this was just kind of the first one to get us off the ground and then we'll be posting more which is going to be exciting. So look out for that later today. Really exciting news that happened actually right after I had done the podcast episode last week, so I didn't get a chance to talk about it but this happens late Friday. It was announced the top workplaces in New Jersey by New Jersey calm which is one of the top media companies here in New Jersey. And basically it was this survey that all of our employees took an independent survey solely based on you know the employees surveys, so are all American Ford in Old Bridge location and are all American Subaru in Old Bridge location. Here what I call the all American auto mall and old bridge. That's where the title of the podcast comes from, where I consider us an auto mall here where we have actually four brands, Ford Subaru isssues, box trucks on journey and tow trucks. So Ford and Subaru were the only two companies that were eligible for this. I think it's based on company size and a few other factors. So they were initially nominated. And then our employees took surveys and both of them ended up scoring high enough in the survey to get awarded the top workplace. Top workplaces in New Jersey for 2021. So very exciting stuff. I think it speaks to you know, I've talked about a lot on this podcast, our family owned and operated environment here with me and my two brothers running the day to day operations. My father still being very involved in here constantly. I think we have some of the longest tenured employees, specially the management team, in this industry, which this industry is known for extremely high turnover, in general managers and managers just bouncing from store to store year to year. So I think it's that level of consistency with our long tenured employees. And that that family owned and operated aspect of it, I think makes a big difference. So we're very proud of this. I'm very proud of it. You know, the rankings came out, I think our Ford store ranked number four in New Jersey for all companies. So obviously, number one dealership in New Jersey, which, again, that's across all brands, all makes and models. So just really exciting stuff very, very proud of this, this is a great honor. This is the first year we were even made aware of this award, in the form of being nominated. So it's great that we were able to win, I'm gonna, you know, apply for this survey every single year and hope that we can continue to win it. So this was great. Like I said, Our all American Subaru store wanted as well. And I think I have an Instagram post about that to show in a little bit. But last comment I'll make on this with the top workplaces 2021 is that we are hiring, we continue to grow, inventory is going to get a lot better. You know, we just need more employees here. So to keep up with the high demand. So we are hiring almost all positions, technicians is always a need. You know, we are very happy to work with all incoming technicians on Ford certification, super certifications, you know, full training all that stuff, great benefits. Our shop in the back is one of the only shops in New Jersey is fully air conditioned. So for technicians that's a huge thing. So if you know any technicians make sure they know that we are fully air conditioned shop makes a big difference. So technicians is always something we're looking for salespeople always something we can use more of. Lot attendants receptionist, you know, stuff like that. So if you know anybody looking for a job, I would recommend starting now, you know, we've been having a little bit trouble hiring and finding people because of the unemployment and the bonus and everything from the government. So I have a feeling when that kind of pops a little bit, you're going to get a mad rush of people trying to get back into the workforce. So you know, we keep encouraging people obviously for our benefit as well to start now because we're definitely hiring. So take that into consideration. The next cool thing is we did a Nether custom Bronco sport. This one is white and black twotone looks incredible. It's a Big Bend edition four by four, obviously, all of the bronco sports are it's white and has the two tone black roof, the black painted rims, the blackout logos, we tend to the windows a little bit. And with a lot of these Bronco sports in the lower trims. We've been upgrading to custom leather seating on the inside to give it that feel of a higher trim level. But you know, for a fraction of the cost basically. So like I said, we've been doing really well with these, they've been extremely popular with customers. So if we keep selling them, we're gonna keep doing them. And we have different colors coming out. bunch of different ones basically in each showroom of our auto groups. So if you're looking for a bronco sport, these custom ones we do are a great option. We also got in our first 2021 Ford Ranger tremor four by four. So the tremor we did, we have done very well with them from a super duty and F 250 standpoint. So that was the first version of the tremor that Ford came out with last year. And they were extremely popular. They went right away as soon as we get them. And then Ford announced that they're doing a TREMOR package for the Ranger and for the F 150. So I think we're still waiting for our first f150 TREMOR to come in. But this was our first Ranger TREMOR. And it's just basically customizes a little bit upgrades the look and feel of it makes it a little bit more aggressive. It's got a custom grille, lifts it a little bit upgrades, the tires, and the rims basically gives you a little bit more off road power. And this one comes with its 270 horsepower two which is an upgrade from the typical Ranger. So check out the TREMOR if you're interested in that. It's all over the social media pages. And then, let's talk ROUSH. So we are the number one ROUSH dealership in the northeast. And we have been for years now that is in terms of sales, prior year sales and inventory levels. Obviously inventory levels this year are a little out of whack but now we're starting to get our rashes in which is great. So when it rains it pours right so we got two ROUSH stage three Mustangs in our northern stores got one in so as a group now all of a sudden we have three of them, which is fantastic. So I post about it. I mean, my team posted about it all week, and we have some videos to to post as well. So we got a velocity blue on and that looks incredible with all the ROUSH emblems and graphics package. With the black graphics throughout the velocity blue I think might be my favorite one. It looks incredible. It deliver 750 horsepower, which is 06 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds. So this thing you know, ROUSH advertises it that it's pure adrenaline. we always recommend ROUSH as performance. You know, we're a big Shelby dealer too. And they're a little bit of a different animal. But Shelby and rauscher are what we go with here and then our own customizations in house, but always happy to push RROUSH and always exciting when we get them in. And the other one we got in is a white one. So again, with the graphics package being black and the rims on this specific one. This white one looks incredible. This one is a six speed manual. So the white one six speed manual, the blue one we got is the 10 speed automatic. So you know manual has been kind of being phased out. Even at the performance level, you know, Shelby will tell you that there are automatic transmission actually performs better than their manual transmission, just because of you know, the enhancements in it throughout the year. So Now I'm showing on the screen, I posted a cool picture of both of them next to each other. So again, it's very rare for us to have two stage threes at the same time. So that's pretty cool. Also on our showroom is that 750 horsepower Scarlett Knight, that red and black Mustang that was really popular. We've almost sold that twice. And both times a customer came in and wanted to upgrade to a ROUSH or Shelby when they saw it. I think both times it was Shelby. So we actually right now on our showroom at this moment have three different Mustangs that are 750 horsepower, and that Scarlet Knight one does have the ROUSH phase two supercharger, the same phase two supercharger that is in these ROUSH stage threes. So very exciting stuff right now, if you're a fan of Mustang, you know, even if you're not in the market, come by walk our showroom, take a look at these things. You're not going to find this kind of stuff in this kind of inventory at any other Ford dealership around here. So very exciting stuff. Now to switch over to you know, again, this is an auto mall, how podcast I definitely focus a little bit more on the Ford side, the our Ford sides a little bit bigger, and we obviously get the more custom and specialty vehicles with ROUSH and Shelby and stuff like that. And they've had more announcement with the newer models, but from a Subaru standpoint, again, we want the top workplaces award for 2021 according to So that was great to see from an automobile perspective. And then I wanted to point out on our all American Subaru, social media pages, we got our first 2022 Subaru Outback wilderness and so The Wilderness is kind of this new this new brand from Subaru that they're applying to some of their different models. So Outback is first and then there's going to be a wilderness version of some of the other models coming out next. So this Outback is really cool. It's built for off road, that's where they get the wilderness name from, has a whole bunch of different upgrades in it. Really cool look and feel to it too. It's a black one, and then it's got these really nice, I guess they're called like copper finishes, kind of looks like a yellowish orange, but just looks really nice. The whole car really pulls it all together. The inside is really cool too. Again, pulling in those different aspects and those different accents with that copper finish. So if you're interested, this is definitely a specialty vehicle for Subaru. Where you know no Subaru dealership is going to have that many of these special in the beginning when production is a little low. So this is our first lawn. It's on our showroom floor right now on the Subaru side. So definitely check it out. If you're interested if you know any friends who are interested in a specialty Subaru, this Subaru Outback wilderness is definitely the vehicle for them. And that's all I had for today. So Happy Friday, everybody and I'll be back next week.

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