All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 41: Reaction to the Ford Maverick Reveal

June 10, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 41
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 41: Reaction to the Ford Maverick Reveal
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Jason talks about weekly updates, recently received vehicles including awesome Tuscany Motors Co. trucks and discusses his first impression of the Ford Maverick. The 2022 Ford Maverick is a compact pickup that comes standard with a hybrid engine that starts at just $19,999. Ford Motor Company revealed this new vehicle this past week and Jason talks about the main aspects of the truck.

Hey everyone, I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group. And this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates Podcast is episode number 41. And I'm going to be going over some pretty cool trucks we've gotten in recently, and then I'll focus on the Ford Maverick. So the all new whitespace compact pickup from Ford that got revealed this week. So let's get started. As everybody knows who listens to the audio version of this. I also do a visual version with video on YouTube and Facebook. So I'm sharing my screen. So I'm just going to switch over to that now on my computer. But let's dive into it. So bad lander trucks from Tuscany motors and then a black ops truck I believe we had on that I talked about in one of the previous two episodes, now we're starting to really get the black ops trucks in and the Tuscany FTX trucks. So both very popular f150 models from Tuscany motors. You know, our specialty and Custom Truck team does very well with these very, very popular in this area. So the one I'm showing on the screen now of course, like I said all this on our social media pages, we got in our first Limited Edition 2021 Ford f150, Tuscany, FTX and it's numbered 112 out of 500. So that's pretty cool. So again, limited production. These come numbered, it's on the center console actually see clearly see it's pretty cool. This one the FTX we've had these for a while probably longer than we've gotten the black ops trucks from Tuscany to be honest with you, I would say FTX is probably one of Tuscany motors most popular outfits. They do it for non Ford's too. They do it for the Chevy trucks and stuff like that. So the FTX package is very popular. Comes with the upgraded wheels, lighting kits, suspension kit, different tires, tune shocks, different running boards, and then a lot of different accents throughout it that make it you know really look like custom and specialty truck. This one I want to call extra attention to because the X yercaud is actually anti mad a Blue Metallic, which is a really nice dark blue. And a lot of our FTX trucks are usually like black and white just because of the accent colors and the blacked out emblems and stuff like this. So this one's a little bit different. I think it looks great. I don't think they'll be here very long leash these FTX extra usually go pretty quick here. So check that out on our website and social media pages. And then we did get than on the FTX . So a lot of cool aspects of this black ops truck. That one came in this past week and it's limited edition number 154 of 500. So again, they're all coming numbered from Tuscany, which is cool all on the center console so you can see it nice and clear and know that you have a very exclusive vehicle.

Jason Savino:

Alright, so I expect a lot more Tuscany Shelby and rouses to come in over the next few weeks, I'll continue to talk about them, they continue to get attention. They probably have the best metrics when I post them on social media, obviously everybody likes to look at them. So as we get more and I'll continue to talk about I'll continue to post about it and my marketing team will continue to post about it as well. So look out for that. definitely expect to start to have some of those Russians come in. I believe one of our northern shores actually finally got a Roush stage three Mustang in the first one of 2021. So I expect the Russians will start to come in and then the Shelby's will continue to come in. And the Tuscany motors Of course. So all of our custom and specialty trucks here at all American Ford in Old Bridge. Alright, so let's talk about this Maverick. So it was a nameplate for Ford, it was actually a sedan back in the 70s. So it's got a nice history with Ford. They obviously you know, I've talked about a lot on this podcast that they're really trying to utilize some of those old name plates and the branding, you know, we talked about with the Mustang Marquis, we've talked about a little bit with the Ford f150 lightning. So they are trying to bring back some of those name plates, some of those names that are brands that are well known. And the Ford Maverick was one of them. And I think why they did it, if I had to guess the one reason why they did that with the name. It's because this vehicle, they see it as the entry level vehicle that's replacing their sedans. So the fusion and the focus. So people, I guess, older folks from the 70s would associate it with that sedan. And this is going to be that entry level vehicle now for Ford in the form of the pickup, because let's face it, that's what Ford does best is their pickups with F 150. And Ranger, of course, and then all the custom and specialty ones I've talked about. So they begin to pick up so it made sense that they were going to come into this content, compact pickup space. Some of the high level highlights before I get into a little bit more detail, it's gonna start at just 19 999. So under $20,000. So again, that's where you're getting that entry level, you know, fusion or focus type feel, to get a pickup truck like this the way it looks. And the way I think it's gonna come out is pretty incredible for under 20k. It is a standard hybrid engine. So you know, hybrid, you're going to have gas and electric, it's going to have EPA estimated 40 miles per gallon, which obviously is fantastic nowadays, first sedan. So for a pickup truck, that's incredible. I think when I started to research some of the competitors, they don't even come close, because most of them are just gas only. So it's going to be tough for a pickup to get gas only at 40 miles per gallon. So that's going to be a huge competitive advantage, something to look forward to. With that hybrid engine, it is targeting 500 miles of range on a single tank of gas, which is great, especially for a smaller truck like this. So that's awesome max cone towing capacity of 4000 pounds. That'll get the job done in terms of towing for a truck that size. So that's great. And then the inside, you know, the eight inch touchscreen with Apple play, fully customizable flex bed system, so the bed of their truck, they created it in a way that you're going to be able to really get the the functionality out of it and the flexibility out of it. That's probably lacking from a lot of pickup trucks nowadays. So they're very excited about the flex bed system. They talk about it, you know, anytime they bring up this Maverick so that's kind of the high high level selling points of it. I'll get into a little bit more. And the the part I want to get across is that you could actually reserve your Ford Maverick right now. If you go to our website all American Ford and old brick style You can reserve it, which basically just saves your spot in line. And then once the ordering platform opens up, and you could start to choose, you know, the trim level, and the packages and features in it, you know the color, obviously, then it'll become an order, and then they'll start to come in, which should be next year. So reservations are open on our site. I want to bring up that, for this segment, it is closest, or it's being compared closest to the de Santa Fe, or Santa Cruz, I should say, which, again, I'm super biased. And I've said that many times on this podcast. But I think that on day is very ugly. I'm showing it on the screen now for anybody watching the video. And I don't know, it's got a lot of different like modules to it. It just doesn't look. It looks weird to me. Again, I'm very, very, very bias. And I've said that numerous times towards Ford. So with a picture of the Ford Maverick upright now I think it looks great. It you know, they didn't go crazy with it. There's no weird grooves in it like the Santa Cruz, there's no weird mod module looking panels on it. Pretty straightforward, the body looks like the Ranger or even the F 150. To a degree, I think, with the smaller bed in the back, it looks more like a compact pickup. So they did a good job there. The grill is a little bit different than we've seen with Ford. So I thought that was interesting. It's not, you know, it's not a baby Ranger, which I was kind of expecting to be honest with you. So I kind of liked that they went in different direction, when I first saw it, I wasn't in love with it. But it's definitely growing on me. And I like that they went in a different direction. so that it's you know, you could differentiate it from the Ranger. And of course, the F 150. Obviously, the size, you're going to see that difference. But I do like that they went in a different direction with the grill and some of the look and feel of it, you know, the bumper, you could tell. And of course the back the pickup part of it is definitely a little bit different. And you could tell that just by looking at it. So I think it looks good for what it is, I think it's gonna be a great compact pickup, I think for that price and the value you're getting a lot because there's a lot of exciting things about it. Like I mentioned, the 40 miles per gallon is going to get people's attention who were obsessed with sedans, just because of the gas mileage, the technology in it, I think is going to be great it is geared towards and Ford came out, you know, with their commercials and everything so far, they're not hiding it, it's geared towards that younger individual who doesn't want to spend, you know, a lot of money on F 150. And maybe don't need that, that bigger size of the F 150. So maybe they just need a smaller pickup for practicality and functionality. reasons. So really, it's aimed towards that younger entry level. But also, I think it'll do well to be honest with you with people who maybe weren't at 150 for a while, maybe they had car seats back there, maybe they were you know, putting a lot in the bed of the truck. And maybe they want to downsize kind of like, you know, housing when when you grow too big into your house, and then it gets too big and you want to downsize. So I think we might see some older customers going from the F 150 down to this, if they're able to downsize and they want to at that point. So I think it's got a good chance to do really well. Again, I'm kind of just scrolling through the Ford comm page, you could find all the information about it, they have all the colors up, they have the trim levels up. So it's gonna be the XL, the x, lt and the Lariat. And then they're doing a Lariat first edition, which is interesting because I think for it's kinda seems obsessed with these first editions. Now they've done it with the bronco sport, they've done it with the thing they're going to do with the f150 lightning, they did it with the Mustang Maki, so just the highest trim level, the most expensive version of that vehicle first edition, supposed to be I guess limited and a little bit exclusive. So those are the trim levels. And like I said, the hybrid aspect of it, the standard hybrid aspect of it for pickup i think is big. And we've been talking about this a lot on the podcast that that's the direction people are going in, we're moving towards all electric we're moving to more hybrid models. So it's just kind of the way of that. And this is a good way for that entry level person who maybe doesn't want to jump full on into an all electric where you have to worry about charging. This is a good kind of stepping stone for that where you still get that awesome gas mileage. You still get you know a ton of range with the gas tanks and you're not filling up constantly. A lot of these compact pickups because they're so small they don't have as big of a gap. gas tank. So that range i think is important. And that's why they're kind of advertising at the 500 mile range on a single tank of gas. So that'll be a big differentiation and competitive advantage. So it's a nice truck, I look forward to it, I think he'll do well. Can't complain from Ford perspective of adding to their pickup lineup, because their pickup lineup is so strong right now. So that's the Ford Maverick, again, reserve it, it's on our site, if you're interested in getting in line for it. And then, obviously, we'll be able to start ordering it soon. And it's actually supposed to be available towards the end of this year, not even next year. So I misspoke before, it's actually going to be available towards the end of this year. So it's coming soon. It's coming fast. And it's exciting. very last thing I want to touch on, you know, jar Pope, one of our main charity partners love to mention them, Jim roughen, the CEO and founder always doing exciting and interesting things. His celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City is tomorrow, June 11, on Friday, so it's going to be on pay per view, too. So if anybody's interested, there's a lot of good fights during it. And Jim, I believe he said is going to be the first fight on the paper views. So it's going to be cool. We're using it kind of as a team building where a lot of our managers are going down there to support Jim and jarv hope so we're taking the trip down to Atlantic City. It's gonna be a nice team building. We're gonna have some fun down there and cheer on Jim and just anything to raise awareness for jar of hope, and the terrible disease that jar folks trying to fight and find the cure for. So that should be a really fun event tomorrow. I will definitely be talking about it on next week's podcast episode. I'll kind of recap it. And we'll go from there.



Jason Savino:

thanks for joining. And I'll see you guys next week.

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