All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 40: Weekly Updates 6/04/21

June 04, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 40
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 40: Weekly Updates 6/04/21
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Jason provides weekly updates including a new AAF Customs Bronco Sport, a beautiful ROUSH F-150 trade-in, discussing the F-150 Lightning Pro, the newly named Ford Maverick and more!

Hey I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group. And this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates podcast. This is episode number 40 of the Big Four-0, I'm, like I do with every episode, I'm going to do a video portion of this as well as the audio podcast. So I'm going to share my screen for anybody watching the video to see kind of what I'm talking through, and shown on the screen. So as I mentioned, that is Episode 40, Episode 39. Last week, I went over some just weekly updates, that's what this episode is going to be as well. Um, I have just a bunch of little things to either mention or summarize or get to. And then of course, you could always look up more details on this stuff on our websites, or social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all that good stuff. So let's kind of jump into it, it should be a fairly quick episode. Happy Friday to everybody, it's June Fourth. And let's start with the f150 lightning for 2020 model the all new all electric 2022 Ford f150. Lightning, I talked about this on episode 38. So two weeks ago when Ford did their big reveal of it, which was great event. And basically they came out this past week with more information on the Ford F 150 lightning Pro, which the pro edition of this all new all electric f 150 is really a very affordable version of the F 150 lightning that's built specifically for commercial truck customers. So it's going to be very big for fleet customers, for business owners and business workers. So there's a lot of cool aspects of it that they came out with, you know, different aspects of technology within it. seamless charging the different outlets throughout the vehicle, so a lot of workability with a utility. And it's starting at under 40k. So for work drop, that's pretty impressive, especially all electric, so it's gonna save, obviously the company's a lot of gas and helps a lot of customers and companies with sustainability stuff going on within their company. So that's the F 150 lightning Pro. So we'll have more information on that. We're gonna start to reach out to our fleet companies about ordering, those are starting to place orders and reservations for those as it becomes more available. So that was kind of exciting. Released report recently. The next thing couple vehicles that have come in or that we've built with our in house customization team, we call it a custom. So we came out with another custom 2021 Ford Bronco sport Big Bend edition. It's got the two tone roof, kind of like it's a cactus gray, kinda like a bluish gray. It's really really nice color when you see it in person. And we tinted the windows. Like I said, the two tone painted roof looks really good with it, painted emblems, and the rims, basically a little bit of a blackout package to it. These custom Bronco sports have been selling really, really well. You know, customers kind of love the customization of it. This one too, we upgraded the interior, from cloth to leather. So that's been pretty popular with these breakfast sports as well. Some of the lower trim levels that come with cloth. You know, it's fairly inexpensive, all things considered with some of these customization packages when you black them out. And then you black out the emblems, rims and roof. And then you also add leather, it's almost like you're getting that higher trim level, but for less of costs. So those have been very popular. So that's on our showroom floor, that cactus gray one, and you can find pictures and information about it on our social media pages. And we have a couple of those custom brockless boards, especially throughout our Auto Group. I know our northern stores have done a bunch of them with the different colors and stuff. So we're going to continue to do that as long as inventory allows it of course. So continue to look for that on social media pages and our websites. Another one we got in we actually took a trade in of a 2020 Roush f150 so we're still kind of waiting for our first Roush vehicles Roush performance vehicles to come in for the 2021 model year in terms of the Mustangs and the F 150s. Obviously with production issues right now the global ship shortage, all that different stuff. The rash performance vehicles have taken kind of a while to get into this year. So We were supposed to have some in the spring. So we don't have any 2021 model years yet, but they are incoming. So hopefully we start to see them soon but we did take in this really nice 2020 Roush f 150. It is a black one that looks really nice clean Carfax Carfax one owner has less than 4000 miles on it. So really nice trading vehicle. I posted about it on our social media pages. You check it out, it's outside in the front of our building right now. Check that out if you're interested in a Roush and you don't want to wait for the 2020 ones to come in. The next big thing that was exciting earlier this week, it actually happened over the past couple of days was that Ford revealed the name of a new Weiss whitespace vehicle for them. So they came out with the name Maverick is advertised as an all new compact pickup for the Ford truck line. So, you know, the maverick used to be a name of four trucks. So they kind of bring it back. And it's gonna debut and be revealed on June 8. So next week. So we look forward to that. I'll probably talk about it on my next podcast episode in more details. Since we'll have more information on it right now, we really don't have that much information on it. For it's going to hold the broadcast the day before the public reveal for dealerships to kind of learn more about it and see it for the first time. So we'll kind of see how that goes. I'm pretty interested to see it. There's a lot of rumors about it and the size of it, you know, is it going to be a little bit smaller than the Ranger is maybe not the same size as the Ranger but maybe not as wide. So it'll be interesting to see but it is supposed to be a cheaper or more affordable, I should say compact pickup option. And there's rumors that it's going to start under 20k, which is pretty crazy for a pickup so we'll look out for that on June 8. Ford released a press release about it they they have the video with actress Gabrielle Union, who is going to help with the reveal next week on her social media pages. They're tik tok paid and stuff like that. So look out for that. That'll be pretty interesting. Next thing I wanted to bring up was on our super side, all American super here at Old Bridge. This month I love when Subaru does these loves events. So this month is Subaru loves to care. It's every June, they partner with the ello s. And basically Subaru empowers their dealerships to partner with a basically it's usually like a hospital or a cancer center. And basically with between our dealership and Subaru, we get to donate a whole bunch of blankets, crayon sets for kids and stuff like that. So as a dealership we partnered the last few years with center state down in Freehold and their cancer center down there. And it's been great. I personally go with a couple of the managers and staff members here we deliver the blankets, we meet some of the doctors and the staff at Central State. You know, and they kind of tell us about the blankets going to the cancer patients and then you know, some of the children and the crayon sets are always a big hit because they say, you know, sometimes it's like a grandparent with cancer and when their children or their grandchildren come to visit. It's great to kind of have those crowns and the extra stuff for them to kind of play with when they're there. So that's always a heartwarming event I love this month of June when it comes to Super, I'm super excited and our ability to help out and be able to donate these blankets and these crowns. So follow our all American super and over social media pages. You know at the end of it when we get to donate those blankets, we always take a nice picture down at Central State and post that and talk about it. So look out for that. The next big event coming up in June I've been talking about a lot is with one of our main charity partners sharp hope they're having a or gym or phone the CEO john milken founder is involved in celebrity boxing happening at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. And that's June 11. So that's coming up. That's next Friday already. So I'll probably talk about that a little bit on the next podcast episode and then even recap it on the one after that. So we look forward to that a lot of our staff and managers are going down to support Jim, all American forward and old bridge is his corner sponsor, because we're always behind him and always in his corner. So I thought that was spinning. So that'll be fun night, let's go down to Atlantic City to cheer him on. And, you know, the goal is to always raise awareness for jar hope and Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which he's desperately trying to find a cure for. So it's a great cause. And that'll be a great event. The next event after that I want to talk about a little bit is our next f150 mafia, New Jersey chapter meetup here at all American foreknowledge at our dealership. So that's going to be Sunday, July 11. At 9am, we have one of these in believe is March or April, great event we had over 50, f 150s. Here, really cool, just to be able to see everybody come out. I know at that time, everybody was excited to come out. This one, the weather should be great, you know, we're excited about it. So follow the F 150. mafia in New Jersey chapter on Facebook, join that group if you have an F 150. And of course, we hope to see you at our dealership that day. And then the last one I want to mention for this episode, and it's kind of far out, but it's an exciting one. In September, so September 13, Jr, hope is doing a million dollar golf ball drop. So they're basically selling 1000 golf balls for $1,000 each, you know, if you're at a company or with your family, and you want to kind of chip in and get one. You know, they welcome that, of course, they're trying to sell 1000 of these and they're going to be numbered. They're all going to go in helicopter be dropped on the golf course at Bella Vista Country Club. And the one that I guess lands closest to the hole or in the hole is going to win whatever the 5050 of that prizes, I assume. So if he ends up selling 1000 golf balls for $1,000 each. You know the winnings could be very large. I know he's saying that the first place person will get at least 250,000. So and all the proceeds go to Jr. Hope and try and find this cure. So you know, it's a great cause. That'll be a great event on September 30. So I'll be talking about that a lot more on the podcast. I'll probably definitely have Jim on again. He was on one of my earlier podcast episodes as a guest. I'll definitely have him on again. I know he's super busy with so many different events coming up in the coming months. But I'll try and get him on and definitely talk more about this golf ball drop because it's unlike anything I've ever seen from charity, and I think it's gonna be pretty cool. So that's the last thing I wanted to mention. You could find the information for that if you want to get involved with buying alcohol jar So that's the episode today. Hope you enjoyed it. And I'll be back next week. America America

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