All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 39: Weekly Updates 5/28/21

May 28, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 39: Weekly Updates 5/28/21
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It's a busy time for the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge with the new NJ State guidelines and going into a holiday weekend. Jason discusses some recent vehicle arrivals, his photo/video shoot with NY Mets 1st Baseman Pete Alonso and also the new NJ State guidelines/mask mandate lifting.

Jason Savino:

Hey everyone, I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group. And this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates Podcast. This is episode number 39. Just have some quick weekly updates this week, this is Friday, May 28. We're going into Memorial Day weekend. Our showrooms are pretty crowded right now a lot of customers out there looking for new and used certified Pre Owned vehicles. So that's great. So let's jump into it last week. Oh, and like I do every episode, doing a video portion of this, where I'm sharing my screen. Just for anybody watching on YouTube or Facebook, they can check it out with some visual visuals as well. So I'm going to share my screen right now for that audience that's going more visual rather than audio. So let me get back on. Okay, so we're good. So a quick recap of last couple episodes. So, Episode 37. On May 14, I went over some updates from that week, we had some cool vehicles that came in. So I focused on that last week, Episode 38, I recap the F 150 lightning reveal, which is the all new all electric f 150. from Ford that we're going to see in our showroom middle of next year. Right now you can reserve the F 150 lightning with a $100 refundable deposit. You go to our website for that or Ford calm and just select our dealership all American Ford Old Bridge, and that reserves your spot in line for the all new f150 lightning. Basically, then in the fall, you'll be able to switch that reservation into a full order where you'll get to see trim levels, you'll get to pick out all the options. That's when you'll see full pricing stuff like that. And then you'll receive your order in the middle of 2022. So that was the last couple episodes on the podcast. So this week, I'm again it's fairly quick going into holiday weekends. No major events from this week really just some updates and some vehicles that came in last weekend on Saturday. showing on the screen now a picture from the spring fest at Old Bridge Raceway Park was a great event. It's kind of this beer fest beer tasting event. We went we were a sponsor for designated driver portion of it. We brought two vehicles we brought a beautiful red Mustang Mach-E, and our custom lifted cyber orange Ranger that actually talked about two episodes go built by our ATF customs customization Body Shop. So check that out pictures are online. Our team did a great job there. We we took raffle information for a Roush cooler. And we announced that winner last week and reached out to the person that wanted to remain anonymous, I believe is somebody from freehold. So that was a cool event over the weekend. Then recently we got a really cool trading vehicle. He it's a very very clean Pre Owned custom 2020 Ford f150 Raptor. And what is one of my favorite colors from Ford. It's called Ford Performance Blue Metallic, amazing x your color looks really good on the Raptor with some black accents throughout. The customer who had owned it I believe is Carfax one owner certainly got about 10,000 miles on it too. So not too bad at all. They customized it with some custom light packages, which is pretty cool. So those pictures are on our social media pages. really clean looking really nice looking Raptor Raptors are very hard to come by because last year with COVID and the production shutdowns we basically didn't get any brand new Raptors and I don't think we've gotten any in yet this year. You know, usually we get some browse Raptors and usually we got some Shelby Raptor bajas. And so the Raptors very, very hard to come by right now. And there's a really nice trading vehicle we got so check that out. If you're interested in Raptor. The really cool thing as well that happened recently was our partnership with Pete Alonso, the New York Mets first baseman so I've spoken about this on a couple podcasts now. Early on this year, right before the MLB season started, we hooked up with Pete Alonso. Basically he told his age and he wanted a vehicle to drive around for the season. He's a big Ford guy, he owns an F 250 back in his hometown of Tampa. So he loves Ford really got interested in the Mustang Mach-E, all electric, you know, he wanted to try out the new model from Ford. And basically between him and his agent they wanted to work with, you know, a dealership with good reputation and family owned and operated. So they got connected with us. They love that. Basically, they deal with me directly. They love that they deal with the family member directly of ownership. So it's been a great relationships. So far, Pete Absolutely loves his custom Maki. I've shown it on the podcast before in these videos, and it's all over social media, it's on our website to very, very nice, custom Mustang Mach-E, Pete's extremely happy with it. So with COVID protocols, obviously, we're following everything from, you know, the CDC and the MLB have their own rules and stuff. So we finally got the opportunity to hook up with Pete and get some autograph signed by him, which was fantastic. We're gonna have customer giveaways, some branded autographed items that we got. And then we got to film some commercials with him. So he actually through Citi Field was able to film some of our radio ads, so you could hear them on wF. And so he's done some radio ads for us. And now we got to go and film him for video footage. So me and my marketing team actually got to do that. That was a fantastic experience Pete and his agent have been amazing to work with. Pete is just such a nice guy. He really is. So I posted on our social media pages earlier that, you know, he was decked out in all American Ford gear, which was cool. He did a cool photoshoot, and we got some video footage. So look out for that, I'll be releasing that me and my marketing team over the next few weeks. And, you know, hopefully, we do a good job promoting it, and you guys see it. And the very last thing again, I told you this was going to be a quick one, the new mass policy updates. So basically, the governor lifted the mask mandate effective today. So I know a lot of local businesses are struggling with what to do what, how to change their policy. You know, it's the governor's rulings, and even the CDC and that any of the guidelines really, nothing's really ever that clear with, you know, what you should do and what's right and wrong. So we are following in alignment with the state guidelines, and closely monitoring the CDC guidelines and all that. But basically, you know, with the with the mask mandate being lifted, mask are now optional for customers. And, you know, check out the social media post, I think we worded it perfectly. I think a lot of local businesses, you know, did something similar with his wording, but it's basically, you know, we understand that everyone has deeply personal beliefs guiding their own decisions, and some will wear masks and some will not. We continue to follow the CDC and encouraged mass for unvaccinated individuals. But we do respect your personal choice, and there will be no judgement, we ask that our guests respect our guests or other guests, personal and private health choices as well. So that's right from the post on social media for our stores here in Old Bridge. And that's the story basically, you know, customers they come in, they still have to fill out the COVID protocol form that's been standard in most businesses, temperature checks, you know, stuff like that. But if they're unvaccinated, and they want to follow the New Jersey State guidelines and not wear a mask, that's their personal decision at this point. And of course, as a Auto Group, we continue to offer some of the very convenient remote selling aspects that became very popular during COVID. We've been doing all of this for years, but we offer remote selling. So you don't even have to come into the dealership you can do the entire deal over the phone or online. And then will we offer a complimentary home delivery of that vehicle to your house. We can do all the paperwork and any additional autographs from you that we need on paperwork in your driveway if you want. We've been doing that throughout COVID for individuals that want that level of convenience. We continue to offer complimentary service pickup and delivery like we have been for years and years. You know, one of our one of the biggest service departments in New Jersey between our Ford and our Subaru side. So we've been offering that forever. And then on a Ford side we have the Ford mobile service van which you know that van will come to your house it could perform recall fixes oil changes a whole bunch of different things. So companies and residents have been taking advantage of that coming to their home or even their office at this point. So again, we continue to try and do what's best for our customers, our employees. Try and keep everybody as safe as possible following whatever guidelines are expected to be followed from a from a business standpoint from the New Jersey State guidelines and the CDC. So and then on top of that, like I said, we offer these Very convenient options as well for anybody who wants to take advantage of them. So those are our updates and going into this memorial day weekend. I believe the last rather weather report I saw was that maybe tomorrow will be a little rainy. So we expect another big Saturday here. It's been busy you know a lot of people looking for vehicles new inventory as I've been talking about with the chip shortage has been a little bit crazy to keep up with. So continue to you know, reach out to us first before coming in. We always recommend appointments on Saturdays because Saturdays get busy. But we are stocked right now with used cars and certified Pre Owned vehicles. So great opportunity to get those right now. And you can always order a new vehicle as well. It's anywhere from about 10 to 16 weeks out right now, but at least you get what you want. You could secure a new vehicle which is pretty hard to do right now on the ground for some dealerships. So that's always an option as well. So everybody out there, enjoy the holiday weekend. Stay safe. Hopefully we get some nice weather we can enjoy it and I'll be back on next week.


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