All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates

Episode 36: Gushing About the Mustang Mach-E

May 06, 2021 Jason Savino, Marketing Director, All American Auto Group Season 1 Episode 36
All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates
Episode 36: Gushing About the Mustang Mach-E
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During this episode, Jason announces All American Ford in Old Bridge's new overnight test drive program for the 2021 Mustang Mach-E. Customers can now take the all-new, all-electric SUV for a 24 hour / overnight test drive. Jason also talks more about the Mach-E's fast charging, at-home charging options, pricing, looks, awards and more. He talks about having the 2021 Mustang Mach-E over the weekend and what he liked most about it.

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Jason Savino:

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Hey, everyone. I'm Jason Savino, the Marketing Director for the All American Auto Group and this is the All American Auto Mall in Old Bridge Updates podcast. This is episode number 36. I'm going to spend this episode quickly gushing over the Mustang Mach-E, I took a demonstration Mustang Mach-E home over the weekend, so I got to drive it for an extended period of time for the first time really since getting them in. I absolutely loved it. And I'll go into that a little bit more. I'll first recap our last few episodes. Some other stuff we have going on here. I'll get into the market and what I loved about it. And then we'll talk about some other stuff that happened this past week. And as always, I'm doing a video portion for this podcast as well as the audio so the audio you can find wherever you find your podcast. The video portion of this episode will be up on our social media pages, all American Ford in Old Bridge, our Instagram, or YouTube and our Facebook so you can find the video there. So I'm now going to share my screen for anybody watching on the video so that we could kind of see what I'm talking about as I talk about it. To recap the last couple episodes of this podcast last week I recapped the bronco roadshow event, which was a fantastic event we had here were we to full size Broncos comm Ford Motor Company reps brought them. So listen to Episode 35. You're interested in the all new full size Bronco. The episode before that I talked about the Ford GT supercar, which we have one of them here in Old Bridge. It's a $1.69 million dollar vehicle 2018 Ford GT supercar very, very exclusive, very rare. It's a an old bridge right now. So a great thing to come and see if you're a big car person, or are interested in supercars at all. So that was the last two episodes. So for this episode, again, gushing over the Mustang Mark II. So I've done a couple past episodes reviewing the Mustang Mach-E kind of before got here, lot of it was based on report from Ford, and stuff, I had rea other people doing reviews, whe it got here, I drove around th parking lot a couple times. Bu other than that I hadn't reall taken it like out on the highwa and stuff and hadn't taken a home to see how kind of th charging work. So I got to d this this past weekend. So wanted to talk more about that And before I get started wit that, just two things. So one in April, Ford broke its al time record for Ford electrifie vehicle sales, which is betwee the Mustang Mach-E, the new 150 power boost, which is hybrid, the hybrid escape and plug in hybrid escape that i fairly new still this year. S between those hybrids an plugins, and all electri vehicles, electrified For vehicle sales hit an all tim high in April. So that's grea to see that people are adoptin them. Ford's getting th inventory out there. We had yo know, I've talked about th inventory issues before, almos each week. Now this entire year I'd say it's gonna continue t be an issue with the chi shortage and the pandemic an the shutdowns and all tha stuff. But the Mach-E has pretty good amount of in stoc inventory right now throughou our Auto Group, so definitely a opportunity for customers to tr it out. And something reall exciting that we're doing is a overnight test drive progra with this Mustang Marquis, w realized that people might no be used to all electri vehicles, there's not many ou there on the market right now So you really have to have tha extended test drive again, brin it home, get to play around wit it a little bit more than yo would on just a regular tes drive here at the dealership. S for the next few months, we'r going to be offering a overnight test drive. It' basically a 24 hour test drive and we'll work with you on th scheduling, you could schedul it now with our managers boo your appointment, we're reall just doing weekdays now becaus the weekends get a little craz on Saturdays here with tes drives here at the dealership And obviously, we want to allo enough time to be able to full clean and sanitized between eac test drive. So right now you ca book basically Monday throug Thursday. There's overnigh slash 24 hour test drive. Al you do, it's very simple. Yo fill out a loaner car agreement which you know you would d here, when you bring you vehicle in for service and tak out a loaner car, which jus requires your license you insurance card and your credi card to be kept on file. Again you could schedule it, you coul book it ahead of time. Maybe yo don't have a lease coming up fo another couple months. So yo want to schedule it for a mont from now. So we'll work with yo on that I highly recommend i again. I took it home thi weekend. You'll hear mor about that in a second, it's something you really have to drive, you really have to drive it, you have to test it out. Especially if you're a Tesla owner, you have to get in this Mach-E and try it because you're going to notice a huge difference. A lot of it on the positive side of it. So I highly recommend starting to book the overnight test drives, we've already had a cost a couple customers do them. You know, so far, so, so good with how they've reacted to it, you know, the whole process was very smooth and easy. I think one of them that did it ended up getting the Mustang Mach-E, so that was good. But I'm going to start to dive into a couple things to set it up first, and then I'll talk more as we go through it about what I've really liked about it over the weekend. So again, just to kind of recap the Mach-E in general. And you know the the aspects of EV from a customer standpoint, and some of their worries. I do want to show on the screen right now I'm showing on our website, our Pete Alonso banner. So I couldn't do a podcast episode about the marquee without mentioning Pete Alonso. So that's the first basement of the New York Mets. For anybody that doesn't know we have a partnership with him. We got him into a beautiful 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. And we customized it for him. We wrapped it in this matte black or satin black. We blacked out the wheels, some other aspects of the vehicle. So there's a picture of it on the screen. Now obviously, we posted a lot about it on social media so you can find pictures of it. Just an amazing vehicle. So Pete Alonso loves it. I spoke to him the other day about it. He said, a lot of the team members on the mats have come up to him and asked him about it. He really enjoys driving it so far, he thinks it's awesome. So that's great to hear. And I'm very happy and proud about that partnership we have with Pete Alonso, especially specially around the Mustang Mach-E and him taking one. So now to get into some of the aspects of the Mach-E. So from charging standpoint, and this s really one of the main I would say hesitations with somebody looking to buy or looking to go into the Eevee space when it comes to a vehicle is charging right so basically, there's three options for the Mustang Mach-E there's It comes with what's called a mobile charging kit. So every single Mustang Mach-E comes with this. And it is a very long cord that has adapters for a 120 V outlet, which you know, basically every garage has at this point. And then it also comes with a 240 v mobile charger adapter. So if you know some people do already have a 240 V outlet in their garage, you can have one installed. So those are your two options with the mobile charging kit that comes with the Mustang Mach-E, the 120 V outlet is going to be a slow charge, it's going to take a couple nights in a row of doing it to get from you know very low power of about 10% battery all the way up to 80. So it's something that you know, if you're going to do, you got to charge basically every night. And for long road trips, you'll have to kind of plan ahead for that. A lot of people don't realize that the Mustang Mach-E gets, you know, depending on the model, the trim, all wheel drive, extended battery, you know, all those different factors gets anywhere from about 250 to 300 mile range. So, honestly, there's so many people that don't even hit 300 miles in a week. So it's not like you have to charge every single night potentially. So really consider how many miles you drive. You know, if you go on a weekend trip, you can maybe charge it, make sure you get to the full charge for that and it'll be good for about 300 miles. So that's the 120 V outlet, the 240 V outlet charger, basically can charge the entire battery a little bit more than overnight. It's anywhere from you know 12 to 16 hours, I'd say again, depending on the different trim levels, and the Mach-E does have a option for an extended batter so a little bit over overnigh charge with the 240 v mobil charger. Then as a third optio you could purchase outside o the purchase of the Mach-E, yo could purchase a connecte charge station for your home fo your garage. And there's a bunc of third party ones that wil work with the Mustang Mach-E but Ford offers one obviousl specifically made for the Mach- and for their other electri vehicles. So the fourt connected charge station is 24 v 48 amps and it is recommende that it gets installed by certified electrician and tha one basically will take you th full charg Overnight, so less than 10 hours for a full charge. So a little bit more powerful than the mobile chargers that it comes with. So far, I believe the folks that have purchased the Mustang Mach-E from us, I'm pretty sure that all of them have opted to purchase that Ford connected charge station for the garage and have it installed by a certified electrician, you know, just for that extra peace of mind of the charge ability within the within your home within your garage. And then obviously, you still get that mobile charger that comes with the Mach-E. So you know, f you're going away for the eekend, and it's going to be omewhere where you're able to harge it, you actually can do hat without even stopping at a esignated charge station. So hose are the at home charging ptions for the Mach-E, and then he mock, he can accept up to 50 kilowatts at a DC fast harger, which is very mportant. And if you don't know nything about electricity or ilowatts, 150 is on the higher nd compared to basically all ther electric vehicles on the arket. Really besides Tesla. So t's it's up there in terms of he charging speed. And with hese DC fast chargers, these re the charging stations that re you know, Ford has a grid of hem across the country, it's hat the Tesla charging stations re these DC fast chargers. So ith the Mach-E being one of the etter ones on the market right ow. And their high rate of peed for charging, it can eplenish about seven miles of ange per minute. So if you hink about it, you know, over he course of an hour, you stop t a rest station, you get some ood, and you charge it and you an basically get a full charge, ou know, at the time it takes ou to eat a meal. So it's very uick charging with that. So hat's that's a big one for road rips, you know, even weekend rips, that that's a big deal or the Mach-E and puts it above he competition when it comes to harging. One thing I'll say bout the Tesla charging outlet, f you have one or the adapter t home, you have the Tesla harging kit, it will work on he Mach-E, some of them or most f them will some of them, you o need to purchase a third arty adapter. So it's possible, ou just got to make sure you do he research on it, make sure ou can make it work for hatever charger if you urrently have one in your ouse, or garage, because you ad a Tesla. But let's get into some of the things that I really liked about it. And when you read reviews about it, or you watch some of the review videos online about it, these are kind of the main points that have come across in almost all of them so far. So one of the big things with their direct attack on Tesla with this is the conventional interior. So if you've ever driven in a Tesla, which I've never had, but just by looking at the pictures and virtual test drives of it, Tesla made it so that it was very simplistic, very minimalist. There's no you know, it looks like it's not made by a real car manufacturer. And because it's really not. But Ford, that's kind of an advantage Ford has over it is that they designed the interior to kind of be like a conventional crossover. And a lot of the reviews out there talk about how that helps a lot with the learning curve. So if you've only driven conventional crossover SUVs, and then you go into a Tesla apparently, there's a learning curve of you know, just kind of getting used to the difference that it brings to the table with the Ford Mustang Mach-E, there's no learning curve you get in it, you'll know where all the buttons are, you know, you'll know how to use the screen, they made it very easy. From a usability standpoint and a learnability standpoint for the customer that's jumping from a non Eevee for the first time to this all electric Mustang Mach-E, so the conventional interiors a big plus for the Mustang Mach-E over the Tesla and some of the other competition. But a lot of the other competition, you know is from real car manufacturers that have been doing this and that have the more conventional vehicles that have been out. From a pricing standpoint, this is again where the Mustang Mach-E comes into play big time over Tesla and even all of the other competitors. So the Mach-E select, which is a trim level, the Select trim level starts around 42k. So compared to the Tesla, I mean, you know beats the Tesla, the comparable Tesla Model by 1000s. Sometimes even more than that, and this this select trim level is not like a typical bass trim level where there's nothing in it, you still get so many different features and it's great. And then you talk about the other cost savings that come into play. So there's no sales tax in New Jersey on the all electric Mustang Mach-E. That saves you on a $42,000 vehicle that saves you almost $3,000 so that's got to be factored into it because that's huge. cost savings right there, the fact that you don't have to pay for the state sales tax in New Jersey, then you, you're eligible for the 70 $500 tax credit, which that I want to be clear does not come at the time of the sale that does not come from the dealership. That does not come from Ford, that tax credit needs to be applied for through your accountant during tax season during tax returns. And that's just a straight up tax credit from federal government. So you don't necessarily subtract that from the sales price. Because again, it's not happening at the time of sale, but it's something you need to consider 70 $500. So if you're comparing the Mustang Mach-E, to a non EV crossover SUV, that's 70 $500 needs to be taken into account, huge cost savings, when you get to the tax returns of that calendar year. And then you talk about the gas. So get the typical gas calculations, you know, from Ford, in the state of New Jersey, you know, average yearly cost of gas, you could put it around $1,400. Right. So that's going to vary greatly based on what you drive now, how much you drive all that stuff, but let's just say $1,400, the increase in your electricity bill is only going to be about three to $400. Because yes, if you're charging at home, you're going to use more electricity. But the cost of electricity, obviously is not the same as the cost of gas. So that goes up, you know, for round numbers, let's say about $400. So you're saving about $1,000 on gas a year when you convert from gas to more electricity. And then the last thing is the annual maintenance savings. So there's obviously no oil changes with these Evie vehicles, you're still gonna have maintenance over the years, it's not like it's going to go to zero. You know, the tires are not like a special EV tire like you. You still got to change out your tires ever so often and stuff like that. The brakes and stuff like that. But for regular scheduled maintenance, like oil changes, obviously it cuts down greatly on that. So the pricing is something that you know, you got to do your research on. But the Mach-E has a clear advantage over Tesla and the competitors. Another big thing that gets brought up is how much fun it is to drive and how comfortable it is. So I talked about the conventional interior, the comfort level of the Mach- destroys Tesla and it reall does. This comes up in all o the reviews, all of the videos all the reviews you read. Yo know I posted on social medi earlier this year because it wa a really good article about Tesla owner who purchased th Mach-E and drove across th country and said it was just b far more comfortable than th Tesla and he never would hav been able to do the Tesla acros the country because it's jus not as comfortable. And tha comes again from being built b not like a real ca manufacturer. Tesla's only Evi and they're just not one of th big car manufacturers that yo know can produce something lik the conventional SUV o crossover so comfort level is big one handling performance Again all things that when yo drive it and you take it fo that overnight test drive and i was one of my favorite thing over the weekend with driving i and such a noticeable differenc that I was surprised with is ho powerful it is when you step o that pedal you go you go righ away. It's it's different an you'll feel it right away fro from gas powered engines. And i kind of reminds me of almos like the monorail and Disne that takes you from hotel t hotel, you almost get tha feeling and almost makes tha same sound too. So it kind o took me back to like a reall happy memory and I don't know i just it's a very cool feeling. loved it. But it's something yo have to experience for yoursel because I didn't know about i before I drove it and it's ver hard to explain and kind of pu into words unless you experienc it but just driving it wa really really cool. Really fun very engaging It was just awesome. I really liked it. So that's why this episode is called gushing over the Mach-E because I really enjoyed it this weekend. Another thing though that kind of sets it apart that again comes up in all of these reviews is the looks so the Mach-E really looks sleek and attractive. I think it does I love it. I kid you not this is a true story. Over the weekend I was driving my Mach-E on the Garde State Parkway and I passed th Tesla and it was one I had no seen before I think it's th bigger one so it's closer t kind of the full size o up, I think it's the biggest Tesla they have. And I thought it just looked, I don't know, again very bias, right? I we own a Ford dealership here, my family, I'm pushing the Mach-E So I'm admitting my bias, but thought it looked, I thought i looked horrible. I think to m son has this little toy truck It's it's kind of like thi cartoon like truck, it's hard t explain without seeing it. Bu it's kind of made in a way wher the front is smashed in the bac as machine and then the middl part kind of comes up. So i looks like like a weird lik toy, funny truck. And that' almost what the Tesla reminde me up like this large Tesla, th middle comes up and like bump up and it's just I thought i looked terrible to be hones with you. And next to th Mach-E. I don't even think it's close. I think the Mach-E looks o much better. Again, ompletely admitting my bias ere. You know, I don't own a Tesla. I've never owned one I don't, I haven't even driven one, but just the looks of it. And honestly, my, my neighbor over the weekend, he owns a Tesla. So I look at a Tesla every single day. He's got one of the smaller ones, I think it looks a lot better than that bigger one that I saw him in Garden State Parkway. But he came over because he saw that I had the mock and he talked to me about it. And he even admitted he said that it looks really sleek, they did a really nice job on it. You know, and then like typical, very educated Tesla owner, he knew all about EVs and batteries. And he started questioning me on the mock and I was like I didn't even do the research yet. I couldn't at that time tell him the kilowatts and all that stuff. But as a Tesla owner, he knew all that. I thought that was pretty funny. So he was very educated on the E V's. But he was very, very impressed with the, the Mach-E and at least the look at the look of it. So that's kind of my spiel on the Mach-E. The last thing I want to touch on is all the awards. So again, don't take my word for it. I am basing this review on actually driving it taking it home for the weekend. And then doing a lot of research on reviews from third party people you know, and all the different vendors out there that review vehicles like this, all the different videos out there on YouTube. And there's a lot. So that's kind of what all this is based on. But now you're getting into the part where it's been out long enough and it's really starting to win a lot of awards. So um, you know, it has won the 2021 North America utility vehicle of the Year Award, which is a big deal. It's also won the Green Card Journal's Green Car of the Year Award, the admins top rated luxury electric vehicle, the car connections best car to buy in 2021. And the best electric car to buy in 2021. The Green Car reports best car to buy in 2021. And it is a car drivers Editor's Choice. So it is getting a lot of tension out there. It's winning a lot of awards. And I think for good reason. But again, don't take the word for it. You know, that's why we're offering this program with the overnight test drive, take advantage of it, come down to all American Ford and old bridge and you know, very quick and easy process, we'll let you take home the Mach-E for a night, you get to see how it drives during your normal kind of driving activity at night and then the next day going to work even maybe so take advantage of it. It's it's free, it's not gonna cost you anything, you just got to fill out the loaner agreement and really gives you an idea of if this vehicle is right for you to purchase.

Jason Savino:

The last thing I want to touch on is some of the things that happened this week on the video screen for anybody watching the video I have up just our Instagram page to kind of just remind me of the big posts we had. So we did get a our first Tuscany Black Ops f150 in beautiful looking truck really nice. We've had these black op trucks before we get them almost every year from Tuscany a lot of customization within this truck. So check it out on our social media pages, it looks great. I posted or my marketing team actually posted that we're hiring. So we're hiring for almost all positions right now our biggest needs really are salespeople, internet sales people, receptionist lot attendants, obviously always technicians, diesel technicians, and then service advisors. We obviously fully train everybody so you don't need automotive experience. You know, we're just we continue to grow despite the inventory issues and need more help. So we are hiring. So anybody who's interested, you know, if you want to tag somebody in this, you go to our website, you fill out the application and then you know you'll be called in for an interview. And just with that black ops two I did also post a video that we took of it. Just kind of highlight you see different aspects of it in the video footage than you do in the picture. So check that out and then something to look forward to later today or tomorrow. We did take in a real Nice use Porsche. Looks great. It's not on our website just yet, but it will be probably by the time I post this. And I'll definitely be posting pictures and a video of it on our social media pages pending that it doesn't get sold right away. But it's a really nice used car we brought in, I think we brought it in on trade for somebody who purchased a journey and tow truck from us. So really nice used car from a Porsche standpoint with that one, so look out for that. And that's it. That's all I had for today. So thank you for listening, and I'll be back next week where everyone can afford an American American

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